"Red Crone" Episode Discussion (*Spoilers!*)

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Adam Fangirl
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Here's a thread to discuss tonight's new episode. :D (Official details can be found here.)
"Red Crone" – The Cyber team investigates a child abduction case based on the "Red Crone," an online myth where an abductor lures children through an app on their phones. Also, Elijah's aggressive behavior at work causes Avery to bench him, and romance is in the air for D.B.
I really want see this episode but I will check tommorow. Too tired after day. But I saw right now Live +7 and Cyber get something extra. 0.6/0.7 from every episode so it's little good. I comment more after watching, but I very like the episodes like they showed on promo.
My sister was visiting for the weekend, so we chatted more than I paid attention to the episode. Oops! I'll have to find time to watch it later. I did see the first scene with Elijah and his daughter, that was great. (Although my sister kept joking about him being Dawson--we used to watch Dawson's Creek back in the day, so I can't blame her. Haha.) I also paid pretty close attention at the end. Intense stuff! Nice to see Elijah's dad onscreen, too. (And I'm glad his current personal storyline is about his father being sick, instead of more relationship drama.)

I groaned a little bit at the ship name part. I guess Braven is okay, but oh my gosh, I feel so awkward when shows (or just actors/crew members) know about and acknowledge ship names like that, lol. Don't peek at the fandom behind the curtain, there's nothing to see here! :p
The part that was the most stunning to me is just how easy it is to lure kids into trouble. It's no longer just a matter of telling kids to avoid the guy wearing a trench coat when it isn't raining.
I just watched the episode. I missed second and third episode so I don't know if they cut this stupid intro (you know what I mean) in 02x02, but I finally can say that they don't disturb us with this in every episode. Case was interesting, different. And I think that in this season they changed the direction and put something more information about characters
Ooh, I was thinking they'd gotten rid of that voiceover intro--I usually miss the very beginning every week, so I wasn't entirely sure. I'm glad! It was a bit too long. :D
And I think that in this season they changed the direction and put something more information about characters
We're definitely getting a lot more character moments--I like the characters, so that works for me. ;)
It's been nice this season to see each character as a unique person. Last season they felt more like broad brushstrokes, so to see them come into their own is refreshing.

Are there new writers this season, or did Cyber get some writers from the Mothership? There has been a shift in the show this season, and the episodes are more consistent.
I still think Cyber needs big bad character with one case in some episodes. I really love episodes like this so they could do this, but if they want they need to make this right now. In Criminal Minds or CSI it worked very well. I still can't forgive CBS that they cancel Miami with open Tautner case...