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    I'm currently in my last semester of community college where I will be getting an Associates in Liberal Arts. I am kind of panicking because I still don't know where I want to go after I graduate here. I have to fill out my financial aid forms so I can secure money and right now all they want is a list of potential schools.

    I want to go to a filmmaking school. I know people say film majors usually don't have a high turnover rate, but it is what interests me the most and my heart is set on it. So I am at least going to try and make it. I am interested in filmmaking/production (ex. planning/writing, being on the set filming, and then editing the final cut). I have no interest in being an actor.

    I've been looking for affordable schools that offer a 4 year program in filmmaking...because I really don't want to take another 2 years of generic liberal arts classes. Once school that has stood out to me is UNSCA. It seems to have exactly what I am looking for however it has a very small amount of students (somewhere around 1,000 I think) and seems very hard to get into. You have to have a portfolio related to your area of study, so for me I would have to make a 5 minute YouTube video with some of my work. Problem is the only work I've done is on a handheld camera and also a few Halo machinimas. Both of these required the basic filming and editing (I use iMovie), but IDK if they are acceptable. ALSO, you HAVE to be interviewed before they accept you, and this is a hassle because I live in Massachusetts and the school is in South Carolina. And finally, they have very specific SAT, ACT, and GPA requirements. I took both the SAT and ACT in high school but I totally forgot my scores. My GPA right now is a 3.5 and their minimum is a 3.0.

    Although moving out of state is not my ideal choice, I will if I have to. So if any of you have any recommendations here is a TL;DR list of a school I'm looking for:
    -4 year program in filmmaking
    -accepts courses from community college
    -on the cheaper side
    -willing accept me (3.5 GPA, Associates in Liberal Arts, and little actual hands-on experience in filmmaking)
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    Do you know any filmmaking schools that you're interested in? You might want to start doing some serious research online to find some places. The internet is your friend. :)

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