Recent site performance


I post a lot at TrekBBS, but thought you guys at CSI Files (or as I mentally call it, Jonathan Togo Files) deserved some info on what's been going on of late.

The site has had some issues recently. They affected TrekBBS more, but many problems have been enough to cause the entire site not to work.

I've been carrying out a program of work, and I'm pleased to say the site is much, much faster now and server load is very good (the numbers at the bottom are generally below 1 now, and that is GOOD).

In some ways you are ahead of TrekBBS. You have the newer board version, and you have search (I had to disabled TrekBBS's search as it was a major cause of site problems).

CSI Files will be getting another small upgrade to its messageboard in the future (mostly for reliability, no new features), and I will be doing bits and pieces on the server still but hopefully we're over the worst of it.

If you have any questions, please pop them in the QSF forum. My ears are open.