Recent downtime/changes to the board


Firstly, sorry for the amount of downtime over the past few days. It's been necessary to carry out a lot of work on the TrekBBS database and often that involved having to shut down TalkCSI. I'm glad to say that said database is in much better shape now, and that should in turn hopefully lead to better performance system side.

A number of other changes have taken place today. The first is a "floor limit" which was set on the amount of posts you can view on any one page, and the amount of threads listed on the forum pages. These have been set to a maximum of 40 and 25 respectively. You should find these are ample, and are more in line with what's recommended for the messageboard software.

A change made today was the removal of 'new post' counts in threads. I know this is a bit sucky, I like them too. But again for the messageboard software it's always been warned that these are intensive on the database. With these gone it should help speed up the forums significantly.

Amongst all this work we did lose a few accounts, which I've manually recreated. If you find you can't login please email me as soon as possible. The address is at the top of the page.