Quiz Thread #4

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Television Networks from the shows: 26/34 - and 3 more that I don't know how I missed them! :alienblush:

Famous foursomes: 49/80 - that's better than I usually do on those. :lol:

Countries with the highest points: 16/29 - Knew a few of those but mostly just started typing in country names as I could think of them. :lol:

Television Networks: 32/34 - I watch a grand total of two of those shows...
Famous Foursomes: 52/60
Countries With the Highest Points: 20/29
Need to do a little catching up.

Don't Blink or You'll Miss This Jeannie Quiz: 6/10
Jag: The 'B' team: 6/15 Never watched the show. All guesses
All About Jag: 6/10 See above

TV Show numbers: 15/17 Could remember Part of Five :rolleyes:
Famous Bobs: 13/34 If I wasn't constantly interrupted at work
Tonight Show hosts: 4/8 I forgot Jack Paar

TV Networks: 34/34 Yup, watch way too much TV :p
Can you name the famous foursomes: 27/80 apparently not :rolleyes:
Countries with a high point of great than 3 miles: 10/29 Nope, can't guess those either
About The UK: 6/10

Name that City: 8/10 - Should have been 9! Switched around my 'o' & 'e' in one. :alienblush:

Too much Toronto: 4/10 - and so goes my guessing. :lol:

About the UK - 9/10 (Glad that I didnt fail too badly on this one :))

Name That City - 3/10 (The same cant be said fo this one :lol:)

Too Much Toronto - 7/10- guessing worked then? :lol:
Things With Super in them - 18/22

Fictional Housekeepers or Butlers - 5/25 :lol:

Countries with the most internet users - 19/20
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