Quiz Thread #3

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Donning Santa 7/10
Christmas Carol 6/10
Christmas Lyrics 8/10

This was so fun, and I really had to put on the thinking cap ;) Match the coin to the state it represents!


Coins vs. States
I got 11/20 and I guessed most of them (I wouldn't have a clue I'm British lol. I did get 3 right by working it out though)
Wow I did better than I thought on Coins vs States. I got 9/20. Most were guesses but some where yes I know this one :)
coins vs states: 12/20

I knew 4 for sure and guessed on the rest. That's bad considering we got 3 sets of them being worked on in this house. :eek:

Alrighty. Hear me.

Whoever posts a quiz here, please make it three quiz per post. Just gives bit more content to posts ;)

So it's like

Quiz 1 click here
Quiz 2 click here
Quiz 3 click here

Thank you!
1. Month of December: 7/10
2. Christmas Trivia: 12/15 I changed all 3 of the ones I got wrong! :(
3. Merry Christmas: 4/10 I failed all my foreign languages in school. :eek:

In MoD, I was confused by the question "What saint's day is December 6th ?" because erm...It's Finland's Independence day and we are not...really into those saints ;)

Month of December 6/10
Merry Christmas 10/10 :D Had two really easy one (even one was bit 'wrong written' but I guess they didn't have chance to use the right letter)
Christmas Trivia 13/15
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