Pruning of topics


We will shortly begin pruning topics. What this means is it that on a weekly basis topics over a certain age will be deleted.

To start off with, the pruning schedule will be very soft. Topics that haven't been replied to in over two years will be removed. (To give you an example of how soft this is, some forums at the Trek BBS have a schedule of 45 days).

These dates may change in the future, depending on traffic, but for now we'll see how we get on with 2 years.

These moves are standard practice for messageboards, and allows us to keep the database size under control. This in turn allows the board to run smoothly and for the search to remain fast.

If a topic that hasn't been touched in over two years is of real importance, a moderator can opt to 'keep' that topic so it doesn't get pruned. However please only notify the moderators if it really is important. Just because you think it was a fun topic or something doesn't necessarily mean it's worth keeping. :)

Also there will be some exceptions, like the news items forum which won't be pruned.

If you have any questions, please post in the QSF forum.