Post pruning/downtime - Sunday 11 November


On Sunday 11 November we will be pruning topics from Talk CSI. Topics that haven't been replied to in over two years will be removed. The board will be closed for somewhere between 2 and 5 hours (sorry for the vagueness) to complete the work on that day.

Pruning the database allows us to keep the site running smoothly and the database size under control. This will be Talk CSI's first prune in around 18 months I believe, so this is a rare occurence.

If a topic that hasn't been touched in over two years is of real importance, a moderator can opt to 'keep' that topic so it doesn't get pruned. However please only notify the moderators if it really is important. Just because you think it was a fun topic or something doesn't necessarily mean it's worth keeping.

I suggest that if you wish to keep a copy of a topic that you save it to your computer.

Some forums, such as the news items forum, won't be pruned.

If you have any questions, please post in the QSF forum.