photo manipulation fun

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If were doing ship manips I have a few:


(MY fave ship)

Grissom & Greg
Sara & Greg
Silhouette said:
GregIsHott, glad you like it... Did I hear you requested more? ;)

I made this for the awesome people in RuGged Wonders Ryan/Greg thread. We were discussing Ryan/Greg/Jake and it leads into a comment by szmandatogoholic, that is, "CSI: Brokeback Mountain" :D I can't help it, I have to make this!

CSI: Brokeback Mountain ala RuGged Wonders ;)

Enjoy! :D

Haha, and out of her manip I made my own, for Ryan/Greg/Jake.


Notice anything different?

:D Enjoy! I had to do it in a hurry the other night because I had to go to bed.
Nick a Padre...classic since Nick is such a do gooder. It fits him. and it's very good and funny.
Ok, this is a somewhat crossover thingie. Decided to put it here anyways as it's still manip and has Sara in it.
Did it because I'd love for Kristin Minter to play Sara's girlfriend ;)

Removed links because of PG13 rule.
Thanks fpr the compliment;)
I gotta say, even though I do not share your obsession with guys in uniform I do like your manips. Esp. the latest (Danny) is really well done.
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