Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

That is awesome MacsLovlyAngl. Very well done!

I think I'll try making a manip one of these days. I just need to find some good pictures.
Just a simple DuCaine manip I did today. It's not all that great it's the first manip I've don in a while. Click the thumbnail:

This is something I made once... really fast, and I have no idea why I did it. :lol: It sucks because I wasn't trying to make it good. xD

That's brilliant luf.:thumbsup: If you have to original cap could you send t to me please I want to make something with it.

Ok here's something I did this morning.

And this one I did just now:

And here's my actual first EDeN manip:

I know I'm bad he he!:devil::evil:
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That's cute, Mrs.DelkoWolfe. It always cracks me up cause some say they look like Ken & Barbie, & they kinda do. :lol: