Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Thanks Everyone!;)

Hey Wolfsong... That is funny!!!:guffaw: Good job!

ch3r12y, Hey I love this one. :eek: Great job of H&Y and Baby! :thumbsup:

Wojo, very nice Nick and Greg! :thumbsup:

Great job everyone. Ya gotta love the manips! Makes all our dreams come true! :p :lol:

HCrazy :cool:
These are two I just maniped on SMac. I also made them in icon size:):)

Double Click to enlarge.

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i can't see them either :(

i have just found this thread, you guys are amazing :eek: i had so much fun reading this thread :lol:

i saw Hairspray a few months ago and gave me an idea back then, it turned out to be fun, although it's not so good and I've improved since then :lol:, but I thought I could share it, as it's my first and only CSI manipulation :)
Heey guys :)

I saw all your manips, and :eek: OMG, they're all awesome :thumbsup: Great job :hugegrin:

I think this is a litle out context, but what programme do you use? I wanna give it a try and see what I can do with it ;)

Thanks a lot !!
I use Microsoft Picture It and Paint Shop Pro. But Photoshop is probably the best program to make manips with. I just can't afford it. :lol:
You can't get Picture It anywhere for free. There's no trial version available. My first version came with one computer I had and the second version I had to buy. PSP and Photoshop do have trial versions available I believe.
I downloaded GIMP too, and it wouldn't work for me either. All I use is what is available on Photobucket in their photofix program. Which works out pretty good.:)

New one

Click for full size
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