Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

The pic of the baby CSIs on page 4 had me laughing so hard my eyes started watering (and I almost never laugh that hard).
Here are some I did (most of them kinda suck as I'm not that good with manips):

American Outlaws: CSI: Miami style- Starring: Horatio Caine, Ryan Wolfe and Jake Berkley:

American Outlaws

Star Wars: CSI: Miami Style - Starring: Horatio Caine as Obi-Wan/Ben Kenobi, Jake Berkley as Luke Skywalker and Maxine Valera & Ryan Wolfe as lovebirds Princess Leia and Han Solo (with special guest star- Yoda as himself):


Here are two Elvis Presley ones. One is Jake, another is Horatio:



Horatio as the Terminator:

Horatio Terminator


Ryan as Wolverine:


Ryan as Superman:


Stella as Wonder Woman:

Stella Wonder Woman
Some of you may remember me doing a Ladies of CSI manip batch of various movies (a few years ago), starring the females characters. Now, I've done the men. Some are quite well done, others...not so much.


Greg in Spiderman 3
Nick in Bourne Ultimatum
Doc Robbins in Capote
Warrick in Man On Fire
Brass in Shoot 'Em Up

CSI: Miami

Delko in Hitch
Ryan in Jumper

CSI: New York

Danny in Live Free Or Die Hard
Adam in Kickin It Old Skool
Hawkes in I Am Legend
Flack in Street Kings
Sid in Sweeney Todd

If by off chance, someone wishes to use them for various arts, credit is nice. These took me quite a while. :D
Those are all really good. Much much better than mine. :lol: But then again, I was only using Microsoft Picture It cause I can't figure out how to do the manips in PSP yet. :lol:

I like the Spiderman and Jumper ones the best. And if that had actually been Ryan/Jonathan in Jumper, I think I would have liked that movie much better. :D
Dingbat, those are fantastic!!! I especially liked Warrick, Brass, Danny and Hawkes... and the Sid's is VERY well done... ;)

P.S. would love to see the rest of your female batch manips!
Dingbat they are fantastic, they look so real! Love the Hitch one and the one of Brass in Shoot em up is excellent. You must have lots of patience!
*claps hands* Very impressive Dingbat, awesome job on all manipulations! :eek: Who said it? Right, I second what MelC said: can't wait for the female manips batch! :D
:eek:Wow Dingbat and Sidlreiana_15 ...I love them all. Especially the Hawkes one :D and the 'Shall we dance' one (one of my fav movies:thumbsup:) :D.
**clap clap**