Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Hey CalleighCaine, awesome job once again! Very nice. I do like the elevator one the best! :D

Adorelo, Hey also great first Manip. You did a great job! C&E look great. It looks like a natural pic. Congrats my friend. :D

Great job to everyone over here. The manips are great and it takes time and patience to get it done. Besides it is really fun to have our favorite couples together! :devil: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here's a few more from me. Enjoy! H&C ;)

HCrazy :cool:

Edited by Wyoming. Remember guys, only 3 pictures per post, even if they are just thumbnails.
Nice job guys, as always, with the manips! I was just wondering, with Christmas around the corner, does anyone have a manip pic of Horatio (w/ or w/out his sunnies) with a santa hat on? THat would probably make for a funny "Season's Greetings" card or something ;)
Hey Miamirocks,

This is for you! :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

I had a lot of fun making H & C In their Santa Hats! :p

Enjoy! :lol:

This one can be used for the christmas tree. Its a decorative ball! :p

HCrazy ;)
OK, Hcrazy gave you the DuCaine-Manips, I'll give you the Miami-Boys Manips :p :

lol that was fun, need to make more stuff like this :D
Cinegirl - Love the Ryan one!!! *wonders if I can get an icon sized version of this?* whistles innocently.......
Hey Cinegirl those were great. Love them! :D

Great Manips Everyone. :D


This is just too much fun! :devil: :devil: :devil:

Enjoy!!!!!!!! :lol:

omfg!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: I loved thoes manips of urs Hcrazy!! lol especially that 2nd one... just waaayyy too cute!!!! :D :D
Im working on a manip of Calleigh doing Dressage to go to my story From F to H, that i posted on 2 nights ago... :lol:
Okies, i just finished another new manip... it was inspired fom my fave movie... Titanic... and yes it is "The Car" scene... but its done in tru DuCaine style... :) :p

And i therw in another 2 DuCaine manips to make all happy!!! :D

Happy New Year to Ya'll!!!

xoxo CalleighCaine07
Loving 'em CalleighCaine07!!! I should probably start manipping them soon too... so far all I've been doing are House manips :p
Hcrazy, absolutely loved those manips!! :D :D Fantastic!! A lovely Christmas and New Year's present!! :) :) That first one is so cute!! :) 'Sleep with the Angels' made me squee!! :lol: And the 'Kill Zone' pic is pretty too!! :) :)

I once wrote a CSI: DuCaine scene of the love scene from Titanic, and that picture of Horatio and Calleigh in the car is so gorgeaus!! Fabulous work, CalleighCaine07! Loved the 'Golden Parachute' image, and Cal's wedding dress too!! :D

Great work guys!! DuCaine forever!! :) And Happy New Year!! :D
Hey Everyone,

Happy New year! :D

Thanks everyone, here are a few more for the new year!

Great Work CalleighCaine! :D Very nice manips. :devil:

Okay so I had the same idea for my FF now, thanks to a friend (Emily) and I started maniping pics to go to my FF scenes. :eek: :eek: :eek: :devil: :devil: :devil: :lol:

I think you'll all like this one. It's Calleigh fixing Horatio's Tie in a scene from my Fanfic story. :devil: :devil: :devil: :eek:

Take a breath and Enjoy! :lol:

HCrazy :cool: Still breathing?
By the way the doctors are staring at me right now, I think I stopped fo a bit. I absolutely adore the tie one, I'm bowing to you because of it, and the second one is just AMAZING.