Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Ah, Wojo, you always make me smile. Love it!

Okay, this one I call 'Greg Sanders and Justin Taylor's lovechild.' :D


I'm a QaF fanatic. Go figure. :rolleyes:
lol, the poor kid looks a little unfortunate hehe

I would have imagined a Taylor/Sanders lovechild to be a little more handsome :p
:lol: Indeed, poor child.

I sorta meant for it to look kinda weird, especially with Greggie's cute ears sticking out. Glad I could make you laugh, though!
For Nick & Greg fans and whoever else might enjoy it.

When I first watched this scene in the hallway in Goodbye and good luck and noticed the way they stared at each other, I wondered what it would be like if they were alone. So I took Sara out of the picture and created this: They only have eyes for each other and made it appear as if they are holding hands. Hope you like it.

Weee ok guys... i've made like... 8 new DuCaine manips!!!
*runs around dancing with Horatio and Calleigh*
hahahaha aanndd i have officially finished Year 12!!! YAY!!
Mmwwhahahaha that means i can make some more DuCaine vids and manips!!!
oh btw, head over to my profile on youtube and have a look-see at the DuCaine vids i have made... and X-Files, Law and Order: CI, NCIS, House, M.D, and others...
well here's the links for thoes new manips and for my yt page...
ok here's the manips...

and here's my youtube page...

love y'all...
CalleighCaine07 :D

*goes back to eating Skittles with Calleigh* :p :p :p
Wow!! :) :) :D :D Those DuCaine manips were amazing!! Really lovely!! :D :D Well done, CalleighCaine07!!! *applauds* Great job, I'm smiling so much!! :) :)
Thanks to the wonderful HCrazy, I made my first manip hehe, which is my avatar at the moment.

So, BIG clap to HC!!

Jodie xx