Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Hahahahaha thank you EmeraldEyes06!!! lol everytime i look at them they make me all warm and fuzzy inside... especially the "black snake" i found in my new TV Week mag today... It was about "Miami's Hot New Couple"... Eric and Calleigh... :mad: *shoots self in head and falls to the floor dead*
Sorry to all you Eric/Calleigh shippers out there... but i'm just not a ship on that subject... :(
Oh guys, guess what??
Yes guys you must guess!!!
I made another DuCaine manip... but Calleigh's kinda missing the top of her head... *casually looks around whisling*
Yes... so ill give y'all the link... and if anyone would like to request a manip... please tell me, as im am soooo board *Hits head up the back of Horatio, but runs away scared when Calleigh bursts out of her gun lab, armed and ready for WW3* :eek: !
Scampers off to hide behind Timmy...
CalleighCaine07 said:
ok guys... i have a manip i made a few days ago... and Hcrazy said that i should put it up here... so here's the first one...
number 2...
And very last is the same as above... but it has text...
hope y'all like!!!
**just edited by mod to change the IMG-code into URL**

i just changed the links for the above manips...
Just a tip for you CalleighCaine07:

you can't post your manips as images before reaching 100 posts, so meanwhile just leave out the
OMG OMG O M F G ! ! ! I LOVE THAT EP!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals quiet loudly* EEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!!!
hahaha love your ones!!! lol... *adds to HUGE collection of DuCaine manips... "Save"*
lol love you're work!!!!
Always... and forever!!!