Other Fandom FanArt #5-Showcase & Requests

Nice artwork, everyone. I made some stuff on my non-web laptop while I was out of town, but all I had to use was photoscape... so when I got home I tried to edit them with photoshop. They're still not too great cause photoscape screwed them up royally. :lol: I fixed them as best I could. :lol:

Photobucket is not working properly at the moment, so I'm using imageshack to upload my images to, but it times out a lot. I am hoping the images won't stop showing up and that it only times out on thumbnails. :lol: If anyone knows of another free picture uploading site that works similiarly to photobucket (where you can make various albums and subalbums) please let me know. I'm getting tired of photobucket constantly changing things around and then the site not working as well anymore... and imageshack, well I can't make multi albums there, plus the timeouts constantly. :lol:

Bobby 2, Bobby 3


Gonna try and see how tinypics works. I think it worked okay, I just couldn't upload multiple images and it appears to change my png files to jpgs :wtf:. I don't care much for that so after this set, I'm not gonna upload anymore there unless I have to (so I'm still looking for another photo upload site to use besides the three that either giving me trouble or change my pngs to a different format).

But here's Dean's sandwich :lol: and a banner
of The boys & Bobby w/Pamela.

Sam, Sam2, Sam3, Sam4, Sam5, Sam6, Sam7.

More later. :)
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These Cas turned out grainy looking for some reason. But like I said, they were done with photoscape on a really really old laptop (that still has windows 2000 lol). I couldn't do much with these in photoshop as far as fixing them goes:

b/w version

Textures and doubles added in Photoshop:


More Dean icons later. :)
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awesome supernatural icon/banners GregNickRyanFan i love the one of deans sandwhich ha
18 supernatural
18 the pacific(part 6)
17 southland

more here
Yummy! Lots of Supernatural icons. :D

GNRFan, I love the colouring of the first Ruby one, despite that I hated Ruby2.0. :lol: Also the Dean one in the first batch is pretty cool; love the style of it. Out of your second batch, I love the first Dean one the most - AWESOME colouring. :)

fo_poozle, I'm going to take a peek in your LJ. So far, things look stupendous! The first one is simply adorable. *squishes* Also, I've been watching some of The Pacific so it's great to see that someone's made icons. :D

I brought:

[37] Castiel
[06] Misha Collins



LJ Post.
Ashley, I love the one of Dean sleeping. He's so cute. :)

Geni, love the middle Cas one and the "drunk" one.

Left comments at both of your journals. :)

I've got more Dean ones. Photoscape really screwed up the aspect ratio of #1 and made #3 grainy. Couldn't fix them in photoshop other than adding the textures. The coloring is off on #3 as well. I couldn't fix that either.


Finally found the Non-mobile photobucket link, so I got the site working again in IE. It still won't work in firefox though. It may be that I don't have the newest flash for the firefox browser. I'll have to look into that later. Anyway, here's more:

Dean5, Dean6, daydreaming, Dean8, Dean9, Dean10

More later.
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These icons are just variations of the same pic. I was trying to decide which one was the best:


smoothed & lightened:
or b/w:
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Mmm. So much Supernatural in here :D I'll have some soon, but for now, here's some Doctor Who.

20 Doctor Who icons here