"One To Go" Discussion *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by Destiny, Jan 10, 2009.

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    Just because Sara and Grissom are mentioned in the same thread by someone, doesn't automatically make it a GSR ship discussion, it could just be that like in that one post it was based upon something in which Grissom and Hodges was discussing, and Sara's name came up. You can always tell the difference.
  2. byline

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    I thought the poster did move it on; the posting had to do with continuity from a previous scene between Grissom and Hodges, not Grissom and Sara.
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    Thank you. You are exactly right.

    That said, I'm tiring of the continuous negative responses whenever Sara is mentioned, and god forbid, mentioned in the same post as Grissom. Even if it was about Sara and Grissom, it did pertain to the episode. And it was a good observation, and it was appropriate. If you don't want to discuss it, then don't. Move on. Add another subject to this thread that you want to discuss.

    It still astounds me after all this time that anyone who dares to mention Sara is immediately attacked. There are a handful of posters who seem to set the tone on this site and often it shuts down fans who want to make a legitimate comment. It's a shame, really. Diverse opinions make for interesting dialogue.

    But I refuse to allow the negativity to get to me; I got a happy ending and Lost is back!
    Life is good. :)
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    I'm not a GSR fan at all, but I totally agree with this statement. Diverse opinions do make for interesting dialogue. If you don't want to read something that has GSR mentioned, then don't read it. It's not fair to tell people what not to discuss if they're following thread rules and discussing something that very much pertains to the episode.
  5. Happy Grissom

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    Watched some of the old episodes this weekend; One To Go included. Still loved it after all these years. CSI did give Grissom a fitting exit. I don't agree some of the comments calling it an epic failure or reducing Grissom to a love sick puppy. All I saw was a man finally, finally had the courage to start a new phase in his life. A new life. Not just existence. Good for him. He found his happiness in the one he ever loved, and after going through what he went through, he went after his own happiness. Bless his heart. (After all, if Petersen wanted it for Grissom, then, Grissom would get it.) Perfect ending for this unconventional pair of geeks.

    (Yeah, I also know some writer would come along in Season 13 to muck it all up! What a shame.)
  6. beachlady

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    Watched this one recently and enjoyed the ending again. The crime story was a 5 on a scale of 10 and knowing who/what (Langston) was coming decreased my rating. Knowing Petersen was leaving (and I think it was known for at least a year that he would not continue his contract), I am surprised at the weak writing leading up to Grissom's departure. But the ending was a appropriate for the bug man to find his lady love! Agreed with Happy Grissom--why did some idiot decide to destroy Grissom's ending and Petersen's exit from the series?

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