Nick/Sara - -#22- - Sara's Nick's; You Can't Deny It!!

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Anyway, on with our favorite couple...

As a topic starter, if Nick and Sara were a couple, how do you think they would celebrate the Christmas holidays? Plus, what would they give each other as Christmas presents?

To answer my own questions...I'd love for them to go away on holiday...maybe somewhere cold. How about skiing up in Lake Tahoe or even in Vermont. I can actually see them renting a cabin up in the mountains, spending some time outdoors skiing and then when darkness has fallen, they would spend it indoors, right in front of a cozy fire, sipping on some hot cocoa.

As for Christmas gifts, I think Nick would probably get Sara some jewelry, particularly a necklace since would have probably realize that Sara loves wearing necklaces. As for what she'd get Nick, I think she'd probably give him something that reminds him of his home state.
Sorry guys (and mainly CCA, i just read the date wrong.)


As to how the two would celebrate Christmas, I think there would a coin toss involved to choose what to do. Is Sara really into Christmas? I remember her conversations with Grissom about religion, so I see her as someone who would rather just stay in and avoid Christmas at all costs. Whereas Nick seems to be the type to celebrate Christmas in a big way, and plus he has his family in Texas who would want him to come home to celebrate. So Heads: they go to Texas, Tails: They stay in Vegas for a small laid back Christmas.
i'm with you in that, that nick is missing the girl who flirts with him shamelessly and who he can trust the most of course its our girl sara.

I really miss the shameless flirting between Nick and Sara. *sigh*

i know what you mean. hi mandy nice you name.

i do! i do! my answer is
gum drops
You got it cocoa! :D A candy cane for you...

oooh love candies specially snickers ;) :lol:

for its caption:

nick: is... is that us? :eek:
sara: ooh my god! it is us :eek: nick. you better get that video from whoever filmed it. :scream:
nick: can i just finish watch us. :devil:
sara: if you get that, you'll have all to your self tonight. :devil:
then nick rushes out of the room with a big :luvlove: grin on his face as well.
Hahaha, naughty, naughty, naughty!! :devil: :devil:

i know

Here's another screen cap...From which episode was it taken? (Click on the pic to enlarge the image)

Now getting those Snicker minds of yours working!! :lol: I know you ladies know the answer. :D

this i'm not sure of the title but i know this scene from the wife who had planted a bomb on her own car. that's the only thing that jump into my mind.

for the caption let me try.

nick sara
sara: yes babe!
nick: what did you say?
sara: (turns her head away and starts blush :adore:) sorry
nick: i like you to keep calling me that
sara: okey! but you have to take me to dinner
nick: you want me to ask you out.
sara: what do you think?
and they kiss. :luvlove:
hey guys can anyone remember a manip picture of nick and sara wearing a santa hat, its the picture of them walking arm links at the last episode of bloodlines. if so can you please post it. thanks i forgot who made it i think it was 2 christmases back.
i know, i havent been on far AWHILE! i just came to pop in and tell you i still have the faith! :p I dont watch CSI that much anymore but i still LOVE sara and nick together and i actually am working on a video of them right now. i've been working on it for a while now but my stupid Maker has been acting stupid..

Lol!!! i come on to see what else everyone's said to see.. NO ONE'S WRITTEN ANYTHING!!! whoa!
well, i dont really watch CSI anymore. Grissom's gone i hear, Sara's gone, Warrick's gone... CSI's gone. it's not the same anymore.
So, i'm thinking these nothing new on our favourite couple?
No matter what i still believe those two belong together!!

I miss seeing new Snickers moments on CSI! The writer's :wtf::rolleyes: did us a major injustice by not putting them together as a couple.

I believe that Nick and Sara were meant for each other:);):drool:!

Please continue the Snickers threads:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:!

SNICKERS FOREVER AND EVER!!!!!!! :cool::cool::cool:
I didn't see yesterday's episode just yet but was there any good snickers moments? I saw that they were both in a scene together. Which is a start for me because basically I have been avoiding the show for while. So I hope their scene was good enough for me to get back into watching the show.
Yes, he was worried about her in the shootout, and again they went over gross evidence and had a giggle or two and he's thrilled she's married. He idloized her and Grissom, and is happy for both of them. They'll always be friends, in fact George recently stated 'Losing Sara, was like losing your lead guitarist":thumbsup:this season their bringing in a love intrerest for him:eek:so the "spoilers" say~
Finally, some Snickers moments are back on CSI :drool::);)!

I wish that Sara would divorce Grissom and marry Nick!

I want more Snickers moments!

Wow, those two were great together. They easily slipped back into their flirting mode, and reading each other's minds. Even George said that the two of them are telepathic.

Each scene they were in was great - just the way Snickers always was and always will be. I don't see the marriage lasting long, and Nick will be there to help her pick up the pieces.
Loved the snicker moments in Family Affair. Always loved the Nick and Sara working together - I hope we get more in the upcoming episodes.
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Wow, those two were great together. They easily slipped back into their flirting mode, and reading each other's minds. Even George said that the two of them are telepathic.

Each scene they were in was great - just the way Snickers always was and always will be. I don't see the marriage lasting long, and Nick will be there to help her pick up the pieces.

I like how you think. I finally got to see the new episode & I loved, loved the snickers moments. I actually might be able to watch this show again. I knew they couldn't stay apart for long. And yeah I think Nick is happy for Sara but that because he loves her enough to let her make her mistakes with Grissom.