Nick/Ellie (will think of a better title later)

Discussion in 'Shipper Central' started by Guest, Sep 15, 2006.

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    Alright, I know I'm not the first to come up with this ship because someone else mentioned it before on here. But apparently it's not a popular ship. But I watched the finale again last night and there was some line (this won't be exact) when Nick is talking to Grissom on the phone and he says "Do you want me to keep an eye on her." And Grissom replies "Sounds like that's what you're doing" or something like that. I know the lines are way off, but same basic words. My point is, Nick is one of the few of them who doesn't seem to judge her. And I'm not saying "Ellie's a good girl but she's just misunderstood". She's not. She's a hooker and a drugaddict. But I think her character shows some promise of changing after the finale. And I think they're a cute couple in an opposites attract way. I'm not completely sold to the ship, but does anyone else like it?

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