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    <ul><li> The woman <A class="link" HREF="">accused</a> of stalking <font color=yellow>David Caruso</font> (<I>CSI: Miami</I>'s Horatio Caine) is in Austrian custody awaiting trial. (Source: <A class="link" HREF="">Austrian Times</a>)<p><li> On Wednesday, <I>CSI: Crime Scene Investigation</I>'s <font color=yellow>Marg Helgenberger</font> (Catherine Willows) will <A class="link" HREF="">visit</a> <font color=yellow>David Letterman</font> on <I>The Late Show</I>.<p><li> <I>CSI: New York</I> star <font color=yellow>Melina Kanakaredes</font> (Stella Bonasera) has been <A class="link" HREF="">cast</a> as Athena in the upcoming live-action adaptation of the novel <I>The Lightning Thief</I> by <font color=yellow>Rick Riordan</font>. The movie, <I>Percy Jackson</I>, is scheduled for a February 2010 release. The story follows Percy Jackson (<font color=yellow>Logan Lerman</font>) "on a quest across modern America to prevent a war among the gods."<p><li> <font color=yellow>Laurence Fishburne</font> (Dr Raymond Langston), the newest addition to <I>CSI</I>, is reportedly making "north of $14 million" for his work on the crime drama. (<A class="link" HREF="">Source</a>)<p><li> <A class="link" HREF="">Variety</a> reports that <I>New York</I>'s <font color=yellow>Hill Harper</font> (Dr Sheldon Hawkes) will head one of the juries at the Rome Fiction Fest this summer.<p><li> <I>CSI</I> supervising producer <font color=yellow>David Rambo</font> will write and produce the 13th Annual Tony Awards Party with <font color=yellow>Marc Cherry</font> (<I>Desperate Housewives</I>). The event will take place at Skirball Center in Los Angeles on June 7 and will feature the only live feed of the Tony Awards in LA. (<A class="link" HREF="">Source</a>)</ul><center></center>

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