New Talk CSI/CSI Files designs


The new Talk CSI and CSI Files designs are now live (subject to some tweaking).

Key ingredients:

  • Much fresher, less cluttered design.
  • Two column rather than three (on CSI Files). More focus on content.
  • Mobile versions are then more easily possible... but I won't promise on that, as I've done it too often.
  • CSI Files headlines back at Talk CSI (and Talk CSI topics on CSI Files) to encourage cross-traffic.
  • Adapts more gracefully to removal of ads (for premium members on Talk CSI.
'Big Blue' and now the 'Old Gray' themes are still available. That means if you find it more comfortable to go with the core colours you're used to - you can. Just select from the drop down menu in the bottom left of your screen.

Hope you enjoy. Let me know if you encounter any big problems.