My vision of CSI Las Vegas (no longer in script form fixes the errors)

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    Re: My vision of CSI Las Vegas (no longer in script form fixes the err

    Chapter twenty: Evaluation Day/The Strip Strangler part one (not the same as the episodes seen on tv)
    Gil Grissom is staring at the sheet of paper that has the details of tonight case on it, along with the locations of the crime scene. As Sara diver him, Destiny and Catherine to the crime scene. At the same time Warrick is driving the other suv and Nick is riding with Warrick to the crime scene. This case is different then most of the cases that Nick, Warrick, Destiny, Sara, Catherine and Gil have work on together, because it has several codes which are a 419 (Dead Body), 426 (Sexual Assault), 401C (Accident, Private Property) and the whole case does not feel right to any of the crime scene investigators. Sara and Warrick pull the suv’s up in front of the house that the crime happened at and once Sara and Warrikck have turn the suv’s off, all six of the crime scene investigators get out of the suv’s, also each of the crime scene investigators are carrying they crime scene kit in his or her left hand. All six of the crime scene investigators walk up to the gate and then walk through the gate into the backyard, which is where the swim pool is location at. The whole team has only reach the outside bar when they stop walking, because they have just seen the crime scene. Sara, Gil. Destiny, Nick, Warrick and Catherine take in the awful sight of three girls, mom, dad and the baby boy, which all have ropes around they neck and at the other end of the six ropes are weights, so they could not swim to the surface. Jim Brasses walks over to Sara, Gil, Destiny, Nick, Warrick and Catherine and keep looking down at the ground as he is walking over to them.

    “This is what I know from talking to the only one to live through tonight attack. A ten-year-old girl name Ariana Beam. She was hiding in the cabinet of the bar that you are all standing in front of and she heard everything that happened. She also saw it through that small crack in the cabinet. She said that the attackers come through the gate as they were having dinner outside by the swimming pool. None of the three attackers seen her because she was getting stuff out from the cabinet at the base of the bar, so Ariana gets into the cabinet and then she close the door quietly behind her. She saw one of the guys tie a rope with weights at one end around her baby brother Jonathan neck and throw him into the swimming pool at the sometime the other two guys tie ropes around her mom and dad neck. The guy then throws her dad into the pool next to her baby brother. Then the attackers tied ropes around the necks of her three sisters. Jennie, Daria, Carlotta and at the sometime the guy with her mom raped her mother before he throws her into the pool. Then he joins the other two guys and they rape her sisters. And before they leave the attacker’s throw her sisters into the pool. Ariana stays in the cabinet until she saw the guys leave the yard and she had heard the car took off. By the time she had got out of her hiding spot both of her parents, her baby brother and three sisters were blue. She runs inside the house and she grabs the cordless phone. She then runs back outside calling 911 at the same time. “

    “I take it that Dr. Robbins has not been here yet!”

    “Gil you are right he has not been here yet, he should be here in ten minutes, but he cannot do anything until you guys take the picture of them in the pool. Ariana was able to give me the license plate number and the color of the car. so I have put an APB out on the car with that license plate number.”

    “I will take the picture around the pool, Grissom.”

    “That fine, Destiny.”

    “I will go get one of the pumps to empty the pool, Grissom.”

    “Thanks Sara.”

    “You are welcome Grissom.”

    “I will help Sara, Grissom.”

    “That fine Catharine, two pumps will empty the pool faster.”

    (Nick and Warrick at the same time) we will get the picture of the victims in the pool.”

    “That fine Warrick and Nick. Jim Brass when is the social worker getting here?”

    “The social worker, say that she will try and get here within the next hour.”

    “That fine Jim, I want to talk to Ariana.

    “Ok, Gil.”

    Gil and Jim walk over to Ariana who is set in one of the pool chair with her arms wrapped around knees and she has tears running down her face. Gil knows by look on her face that she did not do this to her family and that she has seen something awful take place tonight. Gil’s Kneels down in front of Ariana, who look up at the man who is now kneeling in front of her. Grissom notices that the girl has brown eyes and also notices that she has brown hair.

    “Hi, my name is Gil Grissom.”

    “Hi Gil my name is Ariana Beam, you are not going to make me retell what I saw here tonight and have already told Jim Brass, are you?”

    “No, but have you remember anything, that you do not told Jim Brass that would help my co-workers and I, catch the men that did this to your family?”

    “Yes, all of the men had Nazi Swastika tattoos on they right forearm and they say we should not be allowed to live, because we are Jewish. I also think that all the men were wearing gloves, but I am not sure!”

    Just then David and Dr. Robbins walk through the gate leading into the backyard and David hears what the girl has just tell Gil Grissom. Both the coroners stop walking towards the pool and walk over to Gil, Jim and Ariana, David kneels down next to Gil Grissom, in front of Ariana and David looks at the young girl.

    “My name is David and do not listen to what the men that did this to your family say, because they are wrong and Jewish people do have the right to live!”

    “Thanks David’s, are you Jewish?”


    “Jim will you take Ariana into the house and help her get a couple changes of clothing and school thing out of her bedroom and then take her out front to wait for the social worker?”

    “Sure Grissom, But that will contaminate the crime scene?”

    “Jim’s we have an eye wetness that says the crime happened outside in the back yard and the crime scene and the evidences’ supports the eye witness. I say that it is fine that she gets a couple changes of clothing. Her school things and anything else she might need the next couple days till a relative can come and take her to their home.”

    “Ok, Gil.”

    Ariana stands up and Jim follows the ten-year-old girl over to the slide glass doors and then into the great room (living room), Jim looks to his right (if your back is to the slide glass doors) and notices an open door lead into a bedroom. Jim follows Ariana through the living room into the kitchen. Meanwhile Gil is opening up his crime scene kit and he gets out his fingerprinting kit. He takes out the white powder along with the Orange Feather Brush, he then opens up the white powder and puts the brush into the powder. Gil then starts dusting the gate to the back yard for fingerprints. By now Ariana and Jim have reach the foyer at the front of the house and the staircase is on the right-hand side if you have just come through the front door. Ariana starts walking up the stairs and Jim follows her upstairs and into the first door that across from the stairs. The first thing Jim notices when he walks into Ariana’s bedroom are the neon pink bedroom wall. Jim Brass then notices the two frame posters of Dekota Kupp that are autographed. One of the posters has pictures of Dekota perform at the world championships in 1999 and receive a sliver medal in the all-around and the second poster of Dekota has pictures of her perform at the 2000 summer Olympic and receive the all-around gold medal and the beam, uneven bars, floor and vault event final gold medals. Ariana does not notice Jim looking at the posters on her bedroom wall as she grabs a gym bag out of her closet. Jim walks over to the bedroom door and waits for Ariana in the doorway of her bedroom. Outside in the back yard David and Dr. Robbins are still waiting on the pool to drain, but even with the three pump going David and Dr. Robbins know its going to take a while. Nick, Destiny and Warrick walk over to the two coroners and stops in front of them.

    “The three of us have finish taking pictures of the area around the pool and pictures of the victims in the pool.”

    “Ok Nick’s what do you want us to do? the pool still has water in it.”

    “David’s you are going to have to get into the pool and retrieve the victims from the pool. The pool is only being drained, so the filter can be turned off and then one of us can check the filter for evidences that was left behind.”

    “Ok Warrick I will go do that right now.”

    “I will help you David.”

    “Thanks Destiny.”

    Destiny takes her watch off her left wrist and puts the watch on top of her crime scene kit. She then takes off her black boots and set then next to her crime scene kit. She takes her socks off and then puts her socks into her boots. Destiny then puts on a pair of latex gloves, at the same time David walks over to the pool and takes his shoe off. He then takes his sock off and puts them into his shoe. David then puts on a pair of latex gloves and gets into the swimming pool. Simultaneously Destiny walks over to the pool and David who has just swims over to the area the mother body is at, stops swimming. He then looks over at his girlfriend and notice that her gray tank top and black pants are cling to her body. David gets back to work and he drives underwater. When he gets to Mrs. Beam, he unties the rope from Mrs. Beams neck. He then put his right arm around her waist and swim to the surface. Once he has catch his breath he swims over to the side of the pool. Dr. Robbins pulls Mrs. Beam out of the pool as Warrick takes the baby boy from Destiny. Five minutes later David is out of the swimming pool and he is helping Dr. Robbins take the six victims liver temperatures. But Destiny is still in the swimming pool because she has to gathering up the ropes with the weights attach to them. Nick is kneeling at the edge of the pool with evidence bags, Destiny swims to the surface with the first rope that has weights attach to one end. She swims over to the edge of the pool and puts the rope with the weights into the bag Nick is holding open from her. At the same time both Sara and Catherine are trying to finger out way the three pumps have stop working when there is still eight-feet of water in the nine-foot section of the pool. Four feet of water in the five feet section of the pool and two feet of water in the three foot section of the pool. Warrick has just finish filling a clear four oz plastic jar with the pool water and has puts the lid on the jar. Warrick walks over to Sara and Catherine, with the plastic jar of pool water still in his right hand.

    “Sara and Catherine do you need help with the pumps it seems that all three have stopped working?”

    “(Both Catherine and Sara) Yes Warrick that would be nice. “

    Warrick set the jar of pool water down and start to take apart the pump that was pumping out the five foot section of the pool, while Sara goes back to working on the pump in the three-foot section of the pool and Catherine is working on the pump from the nine-foot section of the pool. Meanwhile Grissom has finish dusting the gate for fingerprints and has found none, after he has finish putting away his fingerprint kit Grissom walks over to Dr. Robbins and David who have just finish taking the liver temperature of all the victims.

    “How long have the victims been dead Dr. Robbins?”

    “The baby son and the Father dead shortly after seven o’clock Gil and the three daughters and the mother dead around seven fifteen p.m., Gil.”

    “Thanks, you can take the bodies to the lab now David and Dr. Robbins.”

    “Can you help me and David put the bodies into body bags and then load them into the van?”

    “Sure I will help you, Dr. Robbins.”

    David goes and to the van and gets six body bags and when he returns to the back yard he lays out the body bags by each of the victims. Then David and Grissom puts the victims into the body bags and onto the stretchers. Dr. Robbins push the stretcher with the bag body out to the van and loads the stretcher and body into the van. At the sometime the social worker is driving away with Ariana’s in the back seat of her car. Jim Brass has just start to walk towards the gate to the back yard when his cellphone start ringing. Jim takes his cellphone off his hip and flips his cellphone open. At the same time Sara, Warrick and Catherine have just found out that the pumps stop working because of metal Nazi Swastika pins that get caught in the hose of each of the pumps. Warrick, Sara and Catherine put the swastika pins into evidence bags and then the three CSI start putting the three pumps back together. At the same time Destiny gets out of the swimming pool, and Nick walks over to his co-worker Destiny and he is carrying a towel in his right hand. Nick hands Destiny the towel and she takes it from him, she then starts drying off.

    “Thanks for the towel Nick.”

    “You are welcome.”

    Jim Brass walk over to Gil, Catherine, Sara, Destiny, Nick and Warrick, who are all standing around the pool waiting for it to finishing drain. Brass flips his cellphone close and then puts his cellphone back on his hip. Just then Destiny cellphone starts playing the tone of old time rock and roll. She takes the cellphone off her hip and looks out the caller ID and see that it is the social worker calling her. Destiny flips her cellphone open and takes the call, she then walks away from her co-workers.

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