My vision of CSI Las Vegas (no longer in script form fixes the errors)

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    * Note in my vision of CSI Las Vegas there is three female crime scene crime scene investigators and their names are Catherine Willows, Sara Sidle and Destiny Kupp-Kessler ( she has two last names), but she only goes by Destiny Kessler. She also has a twin sister named Danielle and half-sister named Dekota.
    Disclaimer: I do not own CSI or the characters that are on the Las Vegas show. But I did make Up Destiny Kessler, twin sister Danielle and half sister Dekota.

    Chapter one: Pilot
    Grissom gets to the crime scene at 7642 Carpenter Street, Las Vegas, and walk into the house and over to where Jim Brass is waiting for him at the entrance to the master bedroom. Jim starts walking into the master bedroom and Gil walks into the master bedroom behind him. Brass points to the bathroom and Gil Grissom walks into the bathroom and he sees a male in his early forty laying dead in his bathtub and he has a bullet hole on his chest.

    “Do you think it Suicide, Gil?”
    “I am not sure that he killed himself Jim, but by the smell he has been died awhile.”

    Gil Grissom stop talk and kneel down in front of the bathtub to get a closer look at the Victim and puts on a pair of latex gloves. Then Gill leans in close to the victim and he sees that bugs are crawling on the dead body. Which cause him to smile as he grabs a tweezer out of his kit and he picks a pupa up with the tweezer.

    “I just pulled a pupa stage three off the body.”
    “Gil I’m not an entomologist speak English”
    “Third stages of lava metamorphosis.”
    “That is a maggot and the body stinks.”
    “He has been died for seven days now, Jim.”

    Gil then notices the tape recorded in the man left hand. He slower takes the tape recorded out of the victim left hand. He then rewinds the tape to the beginning and hits the play button. Jim and Gil then listen to what is on the tape, which is this my name is Royce Harmon. I am forty-one years old and I live at 7642 Carpenter Street, Las Vegas and I’m going to kill my self. Please forgive me family, I never want to cause you any pain. By the time the tape has finished playing the coroner has arrived and Gil helps the coroner put the victim body into the van, so the coroner can take the body to the lab. Once the coroner leaves to take the body to the lab, Gil finishes process the evidence and then takes evidence back to the lab. After Gil checked the evidence into the crime lab evidence locker, Gil Grissom left the lab and he goes to the house that mother of the victim lives at and he talks to the victim mom and Sister. The mother of the victim, tells Grissom the voice on the tape was not her son. Back at the Lab Holly Gribbs pull her car into the parking lot and then pull into the first open spot. She puts the car into park and then she turns the car off and take the keys out off the ignition. Holly’s get out of the car and opens the back door on the drive side and gets her kit out. She closes the drive and back doors of her car. She then heads into the crime lab and goes straight to Grissom office. When she walks into Gil Grissom office, she looks around the office and sees bugs in jars and also see a fetal pig in a jar. Grissom walks into his office and notices the new CSI, he walks up behind Holly and top her on the right shoulder. Holly turns around and looks at the person that just top her on the shoulder.

    “Are you Gil Grissom?”
    “Yes and are you Holly Gribbs?”
    “Yes that is I and I need to sign my waiver, so I can start working tonight.”

    Gil Grissom picks up the work waiver and a pen off his desk. He then gives Holly the pen and the waiver. She takes the waiver and pen from Grissom and sing the waiver. Holly then gives the pen and waiver to Grissom as Jim Brass walks into Grissom office. Meanwhile, in the Locker room Destiny Kessler is sitting on the bench and she is looking at her right wrist along with the black wrist brace on it. She is thinking about the event that cause her to hurt her wrist, it happened eight weeks ago today, when she got back to her apartment in San Francisco from working a hard case of a serial rapist and killer, the case causes her to pull a triple shift. But it was worth it because she had matched the DNA from the semen to a cop that work for SFPD. She did the interview with him, but he hired a very tough lawyer who got him released on the fact that the only evidence that the CSI had was that he had sex with the latest victim. When she headed home, she did not realize that the cop had been following her home. Once she got home all that she wanting to do was took a fast shower and go to bed. She was just about to get into the shower when someone grabs her and throw her onto the floor. As soon as she saw it was the cop that the DNA matches from her case she starts to reach for her gun, which was laying on the floor by the dirty cloth she just took off. The guy saw this and stamp on her right wrist and it made a loud creak nosie and it start hurting really bad. He kneels down on her lags and tie her foot together, but at that some time Sara Sidle walks up to Destiny’s apartment and sees the door open, she calls the crime lab and tells them to sent a police officer to Destiny Kessler place right a way . Sara draws her gun and walk into her friend’s apartment and she sees the bathroom door is open and a guy is tie Destiny feet together.

    “Sara Sidle SFPD stops what you are doing and put you hands in the air.”

    At this Point of the memory Destiny’s gets brought back into the present day when Warrick, Nick and Catherine come into the Locker room and walks over to her.

    “ Destiny’s you are not thinking about the last case that you work on in San Francisco again are you?”
    “Yes, Nick I am.”
    “ Is that why you move here?”
    “No Warrick, I had put in for a transfer six months before that even happened.”
    “Did you hear Nick just finish his hundred cases and now is a-level 3 CSI!”
    “ No I did not Warrick and that is great Nick. Warrick tonight, will be you hundred case right?”
    “ Yes it will be.”

    Just then Jim Brass and Holly Gribbs walk into the locker room and walks up to Warrick and stop beside him. Destiny, Catherine, Nick and Warrick stop talking and the four of them notice Jim Brass is with a young lady with red hair.

    “ Warrick you are with Holly Gribbs the lady who is standing next to me and please keep an eye on Holly why she is dusting for finger paints at a crime scene, which is a Burglary. Destiny and Catherine you are on a 426 Sexual Assault on a little girl, she at Sunset Hospital. Nick’s you are with Grissom on 420 Homicide, you are to meet him in his office.

    Warrick, Nick, Catherine and Destiny grab their kits out of their lockers and then walk out of the locker room. Nick walks with Warrick, Holly, Catherine and Destiny till they reach Grissom office. Warrick, Holly, Catharine and Destiny head out to the parking to Destiny and Warrick assign Crime lab suv. A short time later as Warrick is driving Holly to her first crime scene his Cellphone goes off, Warrick flips his cellphone open and takes the call. When they reach the house the Burglary happened at, he pulls up at the crime scene and stop the suv.

    “Holly, I need to take care of a personal problem can you handle this on your own?
    “Sure, It is not like I need a babysitter it a simple burglary and I just have to dust for prints is all.”
    “Cool, call me when you are finish and I will come and pick you up. I should be the four number in the coworker group on your newly issued cellphone.”
    “Yes you are, after Nick and before Destiny.”
    “Yes that me, I need to get going.”
    “Ok, I just need to get my kit.”

    Holly opens the back door of the suv on the passenger side and grabs her crime scene kit. She then close the door and walks toward the house. At the sometime Warrick takes off and he drives toward the strip. Five minutes later in the house that the crime happened in, Holly is dusty for paints when someone walks into the room, she turns around to see who is there and she sees an African-American guy who is pointing a gun at her. She does not even have time to reach for her gun when the guy shoots her and Holly falls to the floor. Later that evening at the end of the night shifts Nick, Destiny, Warrick and Catherine are in the break room talking when Jim Brass and Gil Grissom walks into the break room with grim looks on their faces.

    (Yell) The night shift is pulling a double, because Holly Gibber has been shoot and is in surgery and she might not pull through. Warrick you are on leave till a full report of your whereabout is done.”

    Brass’s turn around and walk out of the break room slamming the break room door behind him. Gil Grissom hands out assignments to Catherine, Nick and Destiny and then walks out of the break room. Nick, Destiny and Catherine look up from their assignments and looks at Warrick.

    “Warrick you were suppose to be with Holly, way was she alone?”
    “I know Catherine, But I had a very imported personal issue that came up, that I had to take care of right away. I ask if she was all right with me leaving and she say yes.”
    “Then you call one of us to come and take your place Warrick’s, you never leave a CSI one alone, not even if they say they are ok with it, what where you thinking?”
    “I do not know Destiny, I made a mistake. I am going to go and talk to Grissom, see all of you later.”

    Nick, Catherine and Destiny watch Warrick walk out of the break room and walk down the hall till he is out of sight. Then the three remaining CSI started checking to see if any of them are working on the same assignment, but they all have different cases.
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    Re: My vision of CSI Las Vegas (no longer in script form fixes the err

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