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    I came across this challenge at and thought I'd start a thread for anyone who wants to take it up!

    It's a good exercise and I really recommend it! As I was chatting about it to other board members we decided we would all do it together. Half an hour later 10 little drabbles were born.

    The Challenge:

    1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
    2. Turn on your music player and put it on your full library set to random/shuffle.
    3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble; you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
    4. Do ten of these, then post them.

    Me and the other two writers picked Nick as our character. These are my entries which I have also posted on my FF profile

    1. Love Today by Mika

    Nick was in a great mood as he drove along the Vegas strip. Just finished his shift he was headed home to watch a game and guzzle a beer. Fiddling with the dial on his radio he hit a catchy song, turning up the volume and beating his hands on the steering wheel.

    As he drove he smiled, face creasing in the rear-view mirror. Nick didn’t mind his crinkles, it meant he was a man who felt a lot, smiled and frowned, laughed or cried. Being in touch with his emotions made him better as his job, he was convinced of it.

    The sun was just creeping up in the sky, signifying a new day full of hope and promise. Nick threw his head back and laughed for sheer joy. A whole day stretched out in front of him, and while he certainly planned to get some sleep he thought he might head out for a run, enjoy the sunshine and humanity as he ran along the path of his favourite park. People would be out, sitting in the sun, reading or walking. He wanted to be part of the press of people, loving life, instead of amongst the dead as he usually was. He couldn’t wait to get home.

    1. Sorrow from Gladiator OST

    It was too bright. The sun in the sky. It should be dark. Cold. Raining. What business did the sun have shining on this day of days? His friend was dead. Killed in cold blood while his own pumped warm and bright. Nick would never forget the sight of all that blood. Red. Vibrant.

    So much blood.

    And the sun was shining in the sky as though making promises it couldn’t keep.

    3. Private Party by Leona Lewis feat. Robert Allen

    Nick opened the door, unsure of what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect the blaring music, or the mass of heaving people in the living room. How many people could Greg fit in his apartment anyway? The kitchen was full as he made his way inside, the door having been opened by someone he didn’t even know.

    But that was Greg, making friends wherever he went. Nick dropped his beers off in the kitchen, plopping a few cans into a huge basin full of ice. Turning around he spotted the host in question, standing near the table and leaning in to listen to some girl who was trying to talk over the music.
    Nick shouldered his way towards Greg, catching his eye and nodding. The younger man said something to the girl, touched her arm then headed for Nick.

    “Great party Greg”

    “Thanks for coming man.”

    “So when you said private party?”

    Greg looked at him sidewise, eyebrows lifted.

    “I said it was a surprise party Nick. For Sara?”

    Nick blushed then coughed to cover his embarrassment

    4. Oh No Not My Baby by Maxine Brown

    Nick smiled as he watched his sister dance with the love of her life. Her wedding had been huge considering all the family who had turned up.
    He stood to the side of the dance floor, without a date, but happy and fulfilled. He turned when his mother approached, smiling.

    “Hey mom”

    “Nick. Having a good time?”

    “Yeah, I am.”

    “Couldn’t find anyone to dance with?”

    “Nah. It’s alright. I’m not much of a dancer anyway.”

    His mother laughed, low in her throat.

    5. Sleigh Ride by Boston Pops Orchestra

    Nick laughed as a Santa hat was plopped on his head, turning to see Greg wearing a green elf’s hat and Sara wearing a reindeer hair band.

    The break room was cheerfully decorated with fake snow, streamers and wreaths. Christmas in the lab was always fun time. The CSI’s made sure of it. Crime didn’t take a holiday, so when they were in the lab they made the most of it, leaving their troubles outside the door.

    Nick finished putting his gifts under the tree, then stood and surveyed the room. They had all been exchanging gifts for years, little ones really, token presents like scratch cards and movie tickets.

    And if he were honest with himself, he liked those presents better than the ones his family sent him.

    6. Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen

    Nick vowed never to go on another forensic conference again. And why on earth did they choose Atlantic City? He lived in Vegas, you think he would have enough of party towns and gambling.

    He unlocked the door of his home and stepped into sanctuary and comfort. Nick wouldn’t admit it to anyone, being the southern man he was, but he was somewhat house proud. Staying in was much preferable to going out.
    He hated leaving home. But he sure liked coming back to it.

    Nick flicked on his mp3 player, smiling as the familiar gravelly voice belted out through the speakers. Ironic. He’d just been to Atlantic City.

    7. I Love this Bar by Toby Keith

    “I love this bar!” Nick exclaimed loudly, gesticulating with his hand and uncaring that he’d sloshed beer over his sleeve.

    “’sok I guess” Warrick replied, trying to focus on his friend but failing. The two Nicks in front of him just wouldn’t sit still.

    “All kind’s a people,” Nick continued. “’live.” He stopped, then tried again. “Alive. People”

    “Know what you mean” Warrick replied, carefully setting his pint glass on the counter in front of him.

    “Yup. I love this bar.” Nick said again.

    “You can.” Warrick hiccupped “say that again”

    Nick emitted a laugh though he’d have punched anyone who called it a giggle

    “I love this bar. My kinda place.”

    Warrick sniggered then picked his glass up again to take another long swig.

    “Love this…” Nick stopped and frowned. “’S this bar called again?”

    Warrick burst out laughing, unbalancing on his chair before he righted the stool, clutching at his stomach.

    Nick stared at him then started laughing himself. The two men were helpless with laughter as they sat at the bar.

    8. Diminished Clothes by Salad

    The lab walls were practically shaking with the music. Nick frowned as he walked past the lab, feeling the bass in his feet. He didn’t need any more clues to know Grissom was out on a case; Greg wouldn’t have his music blaring so loud if their supervisor was around.

    Flipping his case file shut he stalked towards the door only to stop, and stare in amazement.

    Greg was air guitaring around the DNA lab, huge smile plastered on his face, hair flopping every which way.

    It was the smile that got Nick. He envied the younger man his abandon. Sometimes Nick wished he could just let go. Greg kept on dancing and stumming his fake guitar and looked like he was having so much fun.

    Nick made his way closer to the lab, he could hear the music clearly now. Looking to his left, then to his right he made sure no one was watching. His file dropped to the floor as he lifted his hands and then started strumming a guitar of his own.

    9. Gimmie the Prize by Queen

    “Oooh Highlander is on tonight!” Nick called out excitedly then grinned goofily as he realised he was talking to himself. The break room having emptied without him realising it. He’d always loved that movie, although he privately thought that any CSI worth their salt would have figured out that immortals were running around on earth fighting each other to the death in their weird sword battles. And just where did the swords come from anyway? One minute they were standing there and the next, sword in hand, they were fighting.

    Still, it was a movie, and even Nick with his scientist mind could find the appeal in a little escape now and then. So he was looking forward to it, sitting down with popcorn and a beer maybe. Looking around the empty break room he wondered if there was anyone who might want to watch it with him.

    He had to laugh. Of all the team there was only one he thought might be remotely interested. Just then the very one walked into the break room to grab a cup of coffee.

    “Hey Greg. You got plans tonight?”

    10. Fear by Sarah McLachlin

    The heat was stifling. Air rising off the earth in visible waves as the sun beat down relentlessly. Nick stood in the middle of a sidewalk hot enough to fry an egg on, uncomfortable as the soles of his shoes weren’t enough to protect him from the heat.

    He stared down at the body lying broken in the sidewalk, contents of her purse scattered, long blond hair matted with blood, sticking to the pavement.

    A suicide. She had walked in front of a bus. The note in her purse said it all.

    “I fear. I have no love to give. Temptation destroyed my life. I have nothing to give. I have so much to lose.”

    Nick sucked in a breath of hot air, kneeling down to study the body closer. This was going to be a hard one. Evidence was everywhere and the heat wasn’t making it any easier.

    He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.


    I hope you enjoyed reading my random drabbles and even more so I hope you take up the challenge for yourself!

    Hope to see you all posting soon :D Be sure to write down which song you are writing to!
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    This was so fun! Here are mine, for better or worse! :lol: Also posted on my Fan Fic page.

    iTune Shuffle Challenge
    1. You’ll Remember – Patti Griffin
    Nick opened his locker and reached in to pull out his jacket, when something fell to the floor in front of him. It was blue. It was…his woobie. And he laughed for the first time since his friend left, looked up, and thanked him.

    2. Good People – Jack Johnson
    Nick stood in the middle of the street, surrounded by police cars, detectives, and coroners. The street was littered with bodies lying down and suspects on their knees. Where did all the good people go, he wondered. Why did they seem to be outnumbered? Where are all the good people? Events happened in slow motion as he watched Brass, Catherine, Super Dave, Officers Mitchell and Metcalf moving through the street, going about their business. He had his answer.

    3. Absalom, Absalom – Pierce Pettis
    Nick watched as the man crumpled to the ground under the tree. The child had been cut down, but the remnants of the rope swung above his head. “My fault,” he muttered. “My fault.” Hours earlier the man had discovered his son in the shadows of the room, watching as he stood over the body of his best friend’s wife, knife in hand. He had chased him out of the house, but the boy refused to listen to his feeble attempts at an explanation.

    4. Levelland – James McMurtry
    The football field was hot and dry as Nick walked around waiting to get started. He turned his eyes toward the cheerleaders practicing on the side of the field, short skirts and pom poms waving in the wind. Mary Ann Jenkins looked up and caught his eye, so he quickly looked away, ducking his head and heading back to the practice area. “Stokes! Get your ass over here! Practice comes first! Save it for after school, loverboy!” Nick shuddered with embarrassment, then picked up his tuba and got in line. The notes of “Smoke on the Water” and “Joy to the World” were the only sounds he heard for the next hour as he marched up and down the field with the rest of the band.

    5. Icarus Ascending – Dan Fogelberg
    What the hell was he thinking? Macho? Hell no, the definition of macho is NOT soaring over the trees screaming like your life depends on it! Stupid, stupid Nick….how could you be so stupid? Paragliding is not fun! People die! You could die. How do you make this thing go down? Down, down how do you make the damn thing go down?? Wait…no, not there….can’t go down there….up, up….how the HELL do you make this damn thing go UP?? That’s better…just…just…take it easy….just let go….let the wind do the work…just let go. Not so bad, is it? There’s some birds down there. Canada Geese. Sure, he knows his birds. Wait…birds DOWN there? Oh boy. Okay. Heading down. Going down. Birds are back up there where they should be. Down here where I should be.

    6. Monday, Monday – The Mamas and the Papas
    Monday morning? Nick hadn’t seen one of those in a while, and he couldn’t say he’d missed them. The lab was full of people he didn’t really know. He just nodded hello as he passed them. He saw Ecklie coming out of his office, cup of coffee in his hand. “Hey Nick,” he said. “Coffee?” “Nah…let’s just get going.” “Come on in,” Ecklie invited. Nick entered the office and sat down behind the desk. “How’s it feel, Dayshift Supervisor?” Ecklie asked. “Pretty good,” Nick answered.

    7. Spit It Out – Tom Prasada-Rao
    “Hodges you have got to be the most kiss ass guy I’ve ever met! Ray, you’ve only been here a few months! Quit acting like you know everything! Riley, don’t be such a wimp! Stop pulling that damn gun out every time someone looks at you funny! Wendy, either go into the field or don’t…make up your mind!”

    8. Photograph – Ellis Paul
    Nick opened his locker and once again tried to avoid looking at the inside of the door. But this time it called to him louder than before. He reached over and snatched the picture, shoving it into his pocket. All day he felt it there, that paper thin time machine. It called to him until he finally pulled it out and looked at it. A younger Nick Stokes and a very un-dead Warrick Brown stared back at him, laughing it up at the coffee shop one morning years ago. Colors on a piece of Kodachrome…tattered and torn on the edges, just like his heart. You hide it in your pocket.

    9. Bicycle Named Heaven – Catie Curtis
    I always want what I can’t have. Nick watched her through the window. Her short, black hair looked soft and thick, and he longed to touch it…to stroke it beneath his fingers. He wondered how she would respond. Would she lean against him? Arch her back and make soft, contented sounds? Would she fold herself into his arms and sigh, trusting him to take care of her forever? He would never know. “Damn allergies,” he muttered to himself as he continued down the street, leaving the kitten to mew softly after him.

    10. I Saw Three Ships – Carol Noonan
    Nick tossed and turned, the images assaulting his unconscious mind like phantoms. Ships….kings….all the souls on earth….singing….bells….Maine…how the hell did he get to Maine? Christmas…over and over….stop it stop it stop it it’s May for crying out loud!!!
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    I might try this in a little while, but I don't have an ipod. I only have an mp3 player and I don't think it had a random shuffle button. I could ask to borrow bro's but most of the music he listens to is very noisy and not stuff that I really enjoy. :lol: Plus, I doubt he'd loan it to me anyway. :lol: But, I'll try with my mp3 player. It's not like I've memorized the order the songs are in. Though I accidentally put some songs on there twice, so if one comes up a second time, I'll have to skip it. :lol:

    Do we have to write all ten on the same character/ship? Or can we alternate? And can it be from the other CSI shows as well?
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    Hey GNRF, glad you want to try it out!

    The challenge lets you Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like so I think you could pick a show and write random drabbles on that instead of just one or two characters.

    There's no real 'rules' as such so I say if you want to do it, just do it!

    I used my iTunes for this, so maybe if you have songs loaded up on your computer you could try and use shuffle that way. Again there are no hard rules about it.

    Have fun and do post what you come up with! Looking forward to seeing what you write :D
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    I did mine on Ryan/Valera cause that's who I thought of when the first song started. :lol: I've never done this exercise before, but it was tons of fun. :)

    1. The Way You Make Me Feel - Ronan Keating

    Ryan watched Maxine as she did her yoga exercises in the living room of their modest two-story house. He smiled, feeling like he was the luckiest man in the world for having her. The way she made him feel was like nothing he'd ever known before. It wasn't something that he could easily describe. He loved her beyond anything.

    2. When You Say Nothing At All - Alison Krauss

    Ryan knew Maxine loved him. She'd said it several times, but he knew long before that. It was the way she looked at him with complete love and trust in her eyes. No one had ever looked at him that way before. He knew that they would be together for the rest of their lives. She'd smile and he'd know that his heart was safe with her, just as she knew hers was safe with him. No words were necessary for either of them to know. The looks, the smiles and the touches said it all.

    3. Something Stupid - Ronan Keating and Nicole Kidman

    Ryan's friends had told him that he was hooked on Maxine Valera long before he had realized it himself. Maxine's friend knew she was in love with Ryan long before she knew. Eventually both Ryan and Maxine had realized it and had admitted it to each other. Now there was no separating them.

    4. Can't Get You Outta My Head- Kylie Minogue

    To Ryan Wolfe, Maxine Valera was a captivating creature. The seven wonders (or how many ever there were) of the world had nothing on her. To Ryan, she was the best thing in the world; the best thing in his life. He didn't know how he'd ever lived without her before they'd met. She was always on his mind. Not a day, hour, minute or second went by that he didn't think of his gorgeous DNA tech. Her voice, her smile, her eyes... everything about her was imprinted into his head as well as his heart.

    5. Eternal Flame - Atomic Kitten(s)

    Maxine Valera reached her hand out to Ryan when he'd asked for it. He had dropped to one knee, pulling out a small, square box. Opening it, he revealed a beautiful diamond engagement ring. He told her everything he felt for her and how much he loved her. Next came the question every woman hopes to one day hear from the mouth of their love. Ryan proposed and Maxine had said yes.

    6. Rock-N-Roll Train - AC/DC

    "One hot angel, one cool dude" were the lyrics playing at the costume party that Ryan and Maxine had attended. Oddly enough, Maxine was dressed like an angel and Ryan thought she looked incredibly hot in the costume (not that she didn't always no matter what she wore). Ryan was dressed in rockstar leather pants, a leather jacket, sunglasses and biker-style boots. He twirled the hot angel into his arms and placed a kiss against her soft lips.

    7. Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

    Maxine was confused about her boyfriend. Ryan had not been answering his phone when anyone at work had called, so she thought maybe he'd answer her calls, but he didn't. She began to get extremely worried, for this was not him at all. She was so relieved when he finally showed up at the lab that she had immediately hugged him. He had returned the hug, but she had noticed that he had winced as if he was in pain. She had asked him if he was okay and he had said that he was fine. He had softly and sweetly kissed her cheek. Little did she know that he had just been kidnapped, tortured and threatened by people who wanted to destroy their team.

    8. Sweet Dreams - Eurhythmics

    Whenever Ryan had to work a cast that hit him too hard emotionally, he had gone over to his girlfriend's place. Maxine always seemed to know the right things to say. She knew what Ryan needed to hear in those moments. This is how he knew that she was the one for him. She had always made him fell better no matter what kind of scene he had witnessed and processed.

    9. Play That Funky Music - White Cherry

    Ryan and Maxine had joined some friends from work (Dave, Travers and some other lab techs) at playing Rock Band 2. Ryan was singing the lyrics to "Play That Funky Music" while Valera played the Guitar and Dave played the drums. Travers and the others were taking a break. Ryan and Valera had always managed to have a good time when they were together with their friends (as well as when they were alone). Maxine realized that Ryan was actually a really good singer. She had told him that he should audition for that TV talent show. He had said he wasn't interested in that.

    10. Everytime We Touch - Cascada

    Ryan awaited the end of his shift and Maxine's as well. He couldn't wait until they could be alone together. At home they could touch and kiss as much as they wanted. At work they had to remain professional and not let their personal relationship interfere with their jobs. Ryan struggled every day with seeing his girlfriend and knowing that he had to wait until they got home before her could touch her.
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    Nice job GNRF! Very heartwarming stories, you should see the grin on my face!

    I'm glad you had fun with the challenge :D I think I may do it again and soon, it's a good way to get the creativity flowing.

    I especially love your description of Ryan in leather. :drool:

    Anyone else going to give this a go?
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    Wow here are mine :) Smokey and Egeria it was fun playing that one with you... we should do it again :D

    Grace Kelly – Mika
    Nick went into the lab only to bump into Hodges. “Damn can’t you be careful???” Hodges asked angrily. Nick just smiled at him. “I wish you a nice day too.” With that he went straight into the break room. There was Catherine busy making coffee. “Wow, can I have a cup, too”, he asked. “Well if you take this robbery case with the 5 drunks involved, of course.” She was smiling and Nick started to cry.

    Albatross – Karat
    Sitting in his car he was thinking if he really thought of everything. With the list in his head he tallied and thought he had everything. Today nothing should go wrong. Everything should be perfect. It was his day and since this case a few years back he had never tried it again. He wasn’t nervous, just happy to finally find the time to try it again. He had a day off and the sun was shining. The wind was right and with a happy smile he drove on. During the drive he sang with his favorite song on the radio. Damn he was so happy today. He would enjoy this day, his day, and nobody would ruin it for him. Just as he parked his car and packed his bags he got that feeling back. The feeling he hadn’t had since the day he tried it the first time. And there he stood… thinking of the first time and the time that had passed since then. He had been buried alive and his best friend died… and even after all that he still had something to live for. He was there enjoying his life and doing the best with it. With that he finally got everything ready and checked his paraglider for one last time before flying into the blue sky. There was nothing that could have stopped him.

    Rockerrente – Puhdys

    Man that was a feeling. He never thought he would have that much fun again. He was here dancing with Catherine to her favorite song. He didn’t even know the singer or the song itself but he was happy that Cath had a great time with him. The two of them had a hard time with all the changes in the team but they managed. They were close friends and had each other’s back. And now they even spent their rare free time together. Nick was leading as the next song played. It was a little bit slower than the last one, but neither one cared. They simply had fun and enjoyed each others company.

    Tired Of Being Sorry – Enrique Iglesias
    Damn, he really screwed it up. He simply did everything wrong he could have done wrong. He never thought he could be that damn stupid, but he was and nothing could change that. Now she was gone and he sat alone in his apartment. She left right after their argument… and without even saying anything. She wasn’t even shouting at him. She just left and left Nick behind, hurt and full of regrets for even asking that question. How could he even get the idea to ask her to marry him?! Damn, of course she would be hurt… who would want someone like him anyway??? He was a screw up…a nobody.

    I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Get Crazy Tonight – U2
    He used to love his life. But so many things were thrown in his way that he wasn’t even sure if life was fun anymore. Not just because of the things that happened to him, but the things that happened to the others, his friends and all the victims he was fighting for all the time. His best friend died just because corruption and money meant everything in the world. The young woman with the little child would never see her husband again just because of some drug addict, just because drugs meant more than a person’s life in that case. Life was crazy, and he would go crazy someday, he was sure of that. Nobody could go on like that.

    Baby One More Time – Britney Spears
    Ohhhh yes the high school days… Nick remembered some really tough moments there. They all thought he was the jock and the ladies man, but they really didn’t know the Nick Stokes who was just happy that he could hide behind that status. He wasn’t like that. He wasn’t a player. He was a sportsman, but the cheerleaders really had nothing to do with all that. He was just having fun. He was quite shy, to be honest, and he really didn’t want the attention he was getting from all the girls all the time. Thank god no one knew him really.

    Promise (You and Me) – Reamonn
    Nick was looking forward to a nice evening with his girlfriend. He hadn’t seen her that much because his job kept him busy. She had been angry at him because of that, but finally he was able to meet her this evening...on his day off, the first one in 2 months. They would go to dinner and have a nice evening. He was so happy about it. He was just getting into his apartment when he saw it… the little letter on the floor. He read it and after that he was just stunned. “I can’t do this anymore, Nick… your job means more to you than me… sorry, Nick but I can’t live like that. I took my stuff and you’ll never see me again.”

    Josephine – Reamonn
    “Josy, I love you so much,” said Nick while stroking his girlfrirend’s cheek as the two sat on his couch just after finishing watching a love story, picked by his girl, Josy, of course. “I love you too,” she said. The two had a hard time with all his work hours. But she was busy too. She worked as a nurse and was often on duty. But the two of them made it through everything together.

    American Idiot – GreenDay

    Nick was just angry. All he wanted was to get rid of all his anger, and so he went to the gym, his place to get rid of his overflowing energy. As soon as he could he was at the punching bag and punched the shit out of it while the punching bag changed faces from time to time… once it was Hodges, then it was Grissom, then Riley and one time even himself. After a few minutes of punching he was already sweating and breathing heavily.

    Life Is A Dream – Reamonn

    He had a task in this world. That was what he told himself every day before going to bed. So many things had happened to him that he wasn’t really sure if life made sense for him anymore. This phrase was what still kept him grounded in the here and now. It was the phrase he lived his life like. He would simply do what needs to be done. Life was full of dreams, and the biggest dream he had was being happy again and seeing all the other people happy with him. That was something he wouldn’t be able to have, and so he simply tried to get what he could get. And even if it meant he would never be happy again.
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    Thanks for posting yours, GNRFan! Nice job! I'm definitely going to do this again. It's funny what you come up with under pressure like that! :lol:

    Glad you posted yours too, NickyFan! They're very good! You've got some really thoughtful stuff going there!
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    Are we gonna do another round of this challenge?
  10. Smokey

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    Oh, you can do these any time you want! :) And post them here. I tried again tho awhile back and was stumped by every song that came up, so.... :lol:

    Maybe I'll give it another go soon tho. :)
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    I would like trying it again too :D

    Maybe it helps me writing my songfic :p;)
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    Okay, this one is on various Vegas characters (most of them are Greg/Riley though, but there's a Nick one and even a Cath/Linds one):

    1. Truly, Madly, Deeply- Cascada
    Characters: Riley/Greg

    Riley and Greg went out to a karaoke bar with their co-workers/friends. Riley's song choice was "Truly, Madly, Deeply". She looked at Greg through the entire song. Of course this made Greg smile back at her. If none of their friends/co-workers knew they were an item before, there was no way they didn't realize it after Riley's song.

    2. Kids In America- Cascada
    Characters: Riley/Greg, Mandy, Wendy, Nick, and Archie

    Greg walked into the place he shared with his girlfriend. He grinned when he saw Riley and her best friends (and also their co-workers) Mandy and Wendy all playing "Dance Dance Revolution". They were dancing to "Kids In America". They were all singing along and laughing. Nick and Archie walked in behidn Greg. Nick laughed at the sight and Archie just grinned.

    3. Carry on My Wayward Son- Kansas
    Characters: Greg, Riley, Archie, Nick, Mandy, Wendy

    Greg was playing Guitar Hero with Archie and Nick. Greg was on vocals, Nick and Archie were on guitar and drums, respectively. But the other two sang along as well.

    "Are we supposed to be your fan girls?" Mandy teased as she, riley and Wendy walked into the room. She was shushed by one of the guys, though she wasn't sure which one. It wasn't long before the girls were singing along as well.

    4. 4am- Our Lady Peace
    Characters: Same as above, but focused on Nick

    The next song in the set was Our Lady Peace's "4am". For this one, Greg and Nick switched places. Nick and his father had gotten into an argument a while back. Nick was really upset with his dad until he got a phone call from one of his siblings telling him that their father had been in an accident and no one was sure of his status. Nick had planned to go to Texas, but it turned out that his dad was okay.

    5. Picture To Burn - Taylor Swift
    Characters: Catherine & Lindsey Willows

    Catherine tried to console her daughter after Lindsey and her first boyfriend had broken up. He had been seen (by one of Lindsey's friends) out with another girl when he'd told Lindsey that they couldn't go out that night because he had to work. Catherine had told Lindsey that it would be therapeutic to burn all of her ex-boyfriend's photos.

    6. Patience- GNR
    Characters: Greg, Riley

    The CSIs had all been working a tough case that seemed to be unsolvable. When they thought they'd caught a break, a new problem would arise. Greg was especially stressed out over it. Riley had told him that it would be solved eventually and that they just needed to be patient.

    7. And Then He Kissed Me- The Crystals
    Characters: Riley/Greg

    Riley and Greg had gone to a nice restaraunt when he had held out his hand and asked her to dance.

    "I love you." Riley whispered against his ear.

    "I love you too." Greg replied, kissing her. "Riley, what do you say we go visit my parents? They've been dying to meet you."

    "Sure, that'd be nice."

    So they had gone and that is where he had proposed. She accepted.

    8. Lost In Your Eyes- Debbie Gibson
    Characters: Greg/Riley

    Greg was amazed. He had no clue that his girlfriend could play piano or that she could sing, but here she was in their garage with some friends from high school (who were visiting). She looked up, saw him and smiled. She looked directly at him while singing, "I'll be found when I am lost in your eyes. I don't mind not knowing what I'm headed for. You could take me to the skies. It's like being lost in Heaven when I'm lost in your eyes." She winked at Greg as she ended the song.

    9. If You Want Blood- AC/DC
    Characters: Many Vegas characters, but Catherine focused

    At a party for Cath's birthday, the other CSIs and some of the labrats/MEs decided to put on a mini talent show for her. They all got up and sang AC/DC's "If You Want Blood" for her, which she loved. Lindsey had turned to Cath and said, "You have the coolest employees in the world!"

    Cath had laughed and said, "I know."

    Lindsey added, "And this song kind of fits your job in a way." To which Cath just smiled.

    10. Between Now & Forever- Bryan White
    Characters: Greg/Riley

    Greg dropped to one knee, holding out a ring. "Riley, you and I have been through a lot together and I can't imagine my life without you in it. In our jobs, we learn how short life really is. I want to spend every moment possible with you. Will you marry me?" She threw her arms around Greg, nodding and whispering "yes" into his shoulder.
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    I had to try this :) I did Mac/Stella stuff, and frankly, I don't really like them :lol: But anyway, here they are:

    She Didn't Have Time - Terri Clark

    The tears fell from her eyes as he drove away. Stella had been sure he was the one, but now that man had left her with their 5 year old daughter to raise on her own.

    Her co-workers could see that the pain of losing him was getting to her. Mac in particular. He'd known how much that man had met to his partner. He cornered her one day in the locker room and told her that he'd be there for her.

    Stella smiled, realizing that in that simple sentence, Mac had done more than her husband had.

    Love Just Is - Hillary Duff

    She didn't know how it had happened, but there she was, lying beside the man she'd loved for so long. He woke up, and looked down at her groggily, then smiled.

    "Good morning," Stella said as she kissed Mac on the lips. Once they pulled apart (A good two and half minutes later), he replied.

    "Good morning to you too."

    Suddenly, the sound of a cellphone broke through the air. Mac grasped for teh bedside table where he'd put his phone. He flipped it open and looked at the message. Then he looked at Stella.

    "Gotta go."

    He kissed her once again.

    "Love you."

    "Love you too."

    If This Is Love - Melissa Manchester

    Stella had never been lucky in the dating department. She'd had a man who tried to kill her, one who stalked her partner and now her latest boyfriend was now being put away for murder. She gave him a hurt look as he was taken away by an officer. Mac sat down beside her.

    "Hey," he said, "You okay."

    She looked at him, tears in her eyes.

    "You know, I'm getting really tired of these boyfriends who like to hurt people."

    Mac smiled.

    "Well, you know one day you're going to find someone who won't hurt you."

    Stella looked at him. She thought she found him.

    Leave Me Lying Here - Miranda Lambert

    Mac was gone to London with her. Stella had tried to smile when he told her, but when he was gone, thoughts began bublling in her mind.

    She'd loved him for a long time. But the time had never been right. He'd lost his wife and she knew he needed a friend. Then Peyton had come along.

    She sat down by her computer one night with a glass of wine, trying to forget about him. Then she got an e-mail. It was from Mac.

    "Dear Stella, Peyton and I have broken up. I'm coming back to New York."

    It was almost too good to be true. Mac and her had broken up!

    Then Stella woke up...

    Hello Stranger - Yvonne Elliman

    Mac was walking towards the crime scene. It felt good to be back. He'd been undercover on a case for about a month now but they'd solved it and he was free to go back to the CSI lab. He saw the familiar curls of Det. Stella Bonasera and when he was close enough, he called out to her.

    "Hello, Stranger."

    She froze. It couldn't be. Mac was on an undercover case, but she turned around and there he was. She ran up and kissed him. He lsughed.

    "missed me that much?"

    No One - Alicia Keys

    She finally decided to tell him. It was the perfect moment. They'd were heading to the crime lab parking lot, the moonlight shining down when she told him.

    "Mac, I love you."

    He was surprised. She could see the look of shock on his face. Stell tried to backtrack.

    "I know it's sudden and I'm sorry but I couldn't go on without you knowing. You're always there for me and -"

    She was cut off by his lips on hers. The kiss became more and more passionate until they broke apart. He smiled at her.

    "Why didn't you tell me sooner? I've been waiting for that for years."

    She pulled him into another kiss, this time a quick one.

    'Well you don;t have to wait any longer."

    Crazy Love - Poco

    Mac couldn't sleep. It wasn't uncommon for him. So he did what he always did when he couldn't sleep. He drove around the city, taking in the lights and sounds of New York at night. He ended up driving by the building where Stella lived. That was also not uncommon. He wondered why he never stopped in and talked to her. He began picturing her opening the door, dressed in pyjamas. He stopped the car and walked towards the building.

    Time Of Your Life - Green Day

    She was being transfered to a department in Boston. They needed a skilled CSI and Stella was their woman. Everyone was sad to see her go. They all stoodtheir at the airport. She had words for everyone:

    (To danny and lindsay): "Take care of each other."

    (To Adam): "Don't change. You're great the way you are."

    She said everything to all of them when she got to Mac. For him she had no words. No words could convey what he meant to her.

    Fall Into Me - Sugarland

    She was a tough woman. Mac knew that. She was also used to dealing with things alone. So, when he saw her sitting in the locker room, dejected, he didn't approach her at first. He just silently changed. Then he heard the tears. He walked over, not wearing a shirt, but not caring. He sat down beside her and smiled.

    "What's up?"

    Stella turned to him, and began wiping the tears from her eyes.

    "Oh it's nothing. It's just -"

    The tears flooded back. Mac didn't even need to react. He pulled her into a hug. She was shocked at first but didn't pull away. It felt right. Him holding her close. She wished it could last forever.

    "You know. I'm always here for you."

    She pulled away from him and smiled.

    "I know."

    Open Your Heart To Me - Madonna

    Stella wasn't used to trusting people. It was because of her past. She'd been hurt and she'd been lonely. But when it came to Mac, everything was different. She wasn't sure what it was about that man that made her trust him like no other person.

    "Oh yeah," her brain told her, "It's 'cause you love him."

    Stella tried to push those thoughts from her mind but she knew they were true.

    It's hard making them in just the length of the song
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    The iPod Challenge

    I came across “The iPod Challenge” before I started writing the Lucy Messer series (Found on if yo type in, autors name, DREdwards) Those who don’t know the rules of “The iPod Challenge” here they are; you get your iPod, or source of music, and switch it on shuffle you then press play and the first song that plays you have to write a Fic more than 100 words to go with the song. I think it’s a brilliant idea so I gave it a shot and, with my iPod on shuffle, the first song I got was The Feeling: Rose. I love the song and, after half an hour of thinking, I came up with a genius Fic to write for it. It's posted up on so I want yu guys to check it out and/or reply to THIS post and accept "The iPod Chalenge" and do your own Fic, it's a lot more challenging then you would think and I found it!
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    Re: The iPod Challenge

    We've actually got a thread for that here if the mods want to merge the two. :)

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