MISC "What Category Do I Belong In?"

Urban Legend

I kind of stole this idea from Dragonfly and CSI_Kat and I want to put this here for those of us who make fan art out of things other than CSI, as I have noticed a somewhat decline in people entering challenges and thought that maybe this would help.

The idea of this thread is to have people give honest feedback (constructive criticism), to help you decide what level you belong in. This is easiest if it's done anonymously. Everything said in here is meant to help iconmakers. Nothing should be taken as offensive.

You may now send in artwork at any time to me, Urban Legend. If you can not send PM's, then please send me an email through my yahoo email adress which you can find on My profile page under contact Info Just be sure to put TalkCSI in the subject line!

You may send in Icons (either 100x100 or 140x140), wallpapers, or banners. You can send them all in, if you want. Each type will be rated separately.

Ideally, you should send in 2 or 3 of whatever type (icon, banner, wallpaper) that you want rated. It makes it easier to tell what level you're at.

When you send your artwork in, please state weather you want people to just state levels, or if you just want comments, or both.