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Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by loyal2wolfe, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Mar 23, 2006
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    Oh I just remembered I had another dream. I was in this backroom of an airport, like behind the carousel. But all the passengers in the flight that had landed came back there. And there was this other room that was all dark, and it had evil spirits in it. So you didn't want to go in there. And the person working there was like, "look what the spirits did to him." and pointed over to Ryan who was like in the middle of the room with black hair and mumbling to himself and being all weird. :lol:
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    Aug 9, 2007
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    I had many dreams with many of the team members of CSI MIAMI. I have 2 with Rory. 1 He was a private eye and
    Vince Vaugh played his brother who was also a pi and they
    solve case together and I was their assiatant and Rory
    girl friend, and Carrie fisher was my aunt. It was a really
    funny and weird dream. At one point the boys chase a bad
    guy into a pool that was inside and a big fancy Inn that
    ownen by my aunt. And they were wearing really loud color

    The second dream had Eric and Cali in it and they were
    at a crime scene that would change every 5 minutes.

    The lasr dream Had H, Frank, Eric, and Speed in it.
    In this one lots of bad guys were trying to break in
    my home. Someone must had call the police because suddenly H, Frank, and Eric were walking around my house.
    Eric was taking pictures, and when I look to my left Speed
    was right by me taking notes. We never said a word to
    one another, but every now and then he would look up
    at me and then down to finish writing it was like he
    was reading my mine.

    It was a bad dream the ended on a good note.
  3. Monsa

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    Aug 21, 2005
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    I had this CSI: Miami dream some time ago. I don't remember everything about it but...
    Well, i remember that i was at the beach and then suddenly me and Horatio were in the water together. And then suddenly we were like laying on the shore, waves washing over us and we were in each other's arms (lol). I ran my hands through his hair and i remember thinking "wow he has got very soft hair".
    Boy, that was a good dream xD
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    Jan 25, 2007
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    Omg I just remember a horrible dream I had last week!

    I was in this dark creepy house, & the sun was just rising. Then to my HORROR I saw - get ready 4 this, Ryan fans - Ryan lying dead in one room! He was face down, & there was a pool of blood around his head. He had the season 3 hairdo. I was so heartbroken & I guess someone had hit Ryan to death, blunt force trauma style. At that moment, I heard scary voices saying 'Wolfe's dead.....Wolfe's dead...' No one else was around, not even Alexx or Horatio, it was just him & I in that house.
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    I had this dream few months ago. I just had started to watch CSI Miami and had become a CaRWash shipper.

    I dreamt Calleigh and Ryan had to investigate a car. It was like small van or something like that. They were inside of the car and Ryan was pushing some buttons. Suddenly he was falling through the air and landed on Calleigh. She was already lying down. After that it went blurry. But then they were sitting in the car and starting to make out.
    I loved that dream. It was so sweet;)

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