"Merchants of Menace" Discussion *Spoilers*

Discussion in 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' started by Faylinn, Jan 26, 2015.

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    Episode Title: "Merchants of Menace"
    Episode Number: 1514
    Synopsis: "The CSI team investigates a homicide at a convention for people who collect macabre murder memorabilia."
    Original Airdate: January 25, 2015

    Written By: Tom Mularz
    Directed By: Claudia Yarmy

    Guest Stars:

    • Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell)
    • Skyler Stone (Alex Friel)
    • Mekenna Melvin (Nora Waters)
    • Dominic Hoffman (Roy Narvick)
    • Greg Evigan (Bruce Waters)
    • Rob Estes (Todd Spanna)
    • Richard Harmon (Kyle Jessup/Second Geek)
    • CJ Hoff (Pasty Geek)
    • Joseph Buttler (Random Collector #1)
    • Nate Shelkey (Random Collector #2)
    • Bobby Campo (Damon Harlow)
    • Rodney Eastman (Jacob Warren)
    • Patrick Cox (Burly Guy)
    • Sloane Coombs (Young Nora Waters)
    • Haley Hauser (Rachel Waters)
    • George Jonson (Lucas Reem)
    • Christopher Kerson (Gunnar)
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    I knew exactly what Nick had in that box. :)

    Now...how extremely obvious was it when they spent so much time with those two boys in the beginning? You just KNEW that scene was a set up for later.

    And really? The police would just tape off the car? Not the whole building? I mean, there could have been evidence anywhere in there, but they would let people stand around and gawk and take pictures?? Stupid.

    Otherwise, it was sort of interesting.
  3. Rena

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    I agree. Though I had no clue what could have been in that box and kept guessing, but nice touch!
  4. AleSir19

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    this episode en up like i think so, a re-telling and a travel around the serial killers that the CSI team have fight in all this seasons.

    I like a lot the Blue Paint Killer cameo, the Strip Stangler cameo and the Miniature Killer. I would like a Paul Millander cameo but wathever.

    This episode again is make for the big D.B. Russell and Gig Harbor Killer Arc, like another episode where a step mom kill is step daughter were make.

    For me the big message of the episode of the serial killer never dies because always in some way (movies, tv, news paper or even a copy cat) he will return.

    So this episode is like the first Nate Haskell and Last Grissom episode "One to go" in the 9 season, where a copy cat killer try to bring back the killer.

    I think it will be even more cool to see a season Arc about a Copy Cat Killer of old serial killers than the Gig Harbor Killer story line. Like in one episode he kills like the Blue Paint Killer, in another like Paul Millander, in another like the Strip Strangler, in another like Miniature Killer, another one like Nate Haskell, like Jekyll and finally takes his final modus operandi.
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    It was a nice reference back to past times.

    I thought this was OK. The "odd people convention in LV" theme has worked in the past. And since there was no Gi...I won't say the rest...reference, it was fun to see some omage to the past. I Know that's being maudlin. So sue me.

    Didn't watch the second one.

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