"Meet Market" Discussion *Spoilers*

With the benefit of hindsight and retrospection, I'd like to throw my own two cents into the ring as well:

Now for the 'I will miss you' part --- sorry, lady. With due respect, I think you missed the point back then. I need to quote the first part of Grissom's letter here:
'Our parting was awkward. I don't know why I find it so difficult to express my feelings to you. Even though we're far apart, I can see you as clearly as if you were here with me..... I said I'll miss you, and I do.'

As for some regular bashers talking about Grissom 'finally realized what a bad idea the relationship is', I mean, didn't they have a clear look at Grissom's letter or listen to what he had to say? Why harping on Sara while Grissom was the other half of the relationship? How could Grissom's scene be said as wasting on writing a letter to Sara? Also, what was wrong for two people in love writing letter to each other regardless how old they are?
Why didn't Grissom send the letter out? It was just Grissom being Grissom. I might not have the right read on this, but I do think some of his old self-doubt came out to play havoc with his head again. He was so afraid of doing things wrong and he tended not to do them at all. I have couple of friends have the same mind-set. Still, people do change, don't we all? Grissom was rather playful in the Pilot episode. He changed as episodes went on. So what was the talk about him having a personality change in Season 6?

It's too bad as fans we don't give the writers enough credit for taking the characters to new places. CSI's writings suffered after S10. I heard Petersen was rather picky with how things were done on CSI. So guess we do owe Petersen a big 'Thank you' for keeping the scriptwriters on their toes when he was around. I will forever grateful we had ten glorious seasons to enjoy this show. It's such a treat to watch those characters grow up and old along with us!
For years, I've thought about "that letter"!! Happy to see I'm not the only one---Grissom didn't send it because Sara was getting her mail at the lab. He had already sent her a package (or was it later?) Anyway, for Sara to get two pieces of mail from him, her supervisor, would probably arouse suspicious minds--why was he sending her mail? So, he decided against it.
Yet, later, he wanted her to have the letter. He put it inside a book on her side of the bed--perhaps to surprise her with his written words since he wrote he had difficulty saying some things to her!!
Thanks for bringing this up---such great episodes!