Marg Helgenberger montage thread #1 - Marg is Love

Thanks kay. And your new CB one made me totally miss CB! KC and McM kicked ass. Heh. Btw, I love your new sig banner too. That's my all-time favorite ship hehe.

that_girl1, I used Marcelle Script and Marcelle Swashes (for the "tail" lol). I think you can find the fonts on DaFont. :)

And here's another old work. LMAO at the old gossian blur days. :lol:

oooooh...!!!!!!!!!! :D Great work so far everyone! :) I've gone a little nutty as of late, because I've been without potoshop for so long, but not to worry, I might be getting it installed on my comp soon :)
This wallpaper is made by a girl called Jessica who is an awesome fanart maker. She did a really great job. It's a really excellent piece of fanart. <3

Wow Erica, that wall you made is totally awesome, I added you on lj, incase you are wondering who it is, my screen name on there is the same as on here. :D
Hey there, everyone. I'm a newbie... and I'm absolutely in love with Marg. I made 2 wallpapers on Marg and another on CatNip.

hope you guys like it! ;)
I'm kind of in between pairings right now. I'm more of a PureJoy fan, but the recent episodes I'm watching (I'm still in Season 7) is more loaded with GSR so I find myself turning more and more to a CatNip fan. hehe..
^ That's interesting because season 7 was what lessened my interest in Catherine/Nick. To be precise, it was the episode Redrum, but that's just me. Your works are great. Good job. :)

Here's a wallpaper I made last year. :)

oh yes, redrum really pour a cold bucket of water over the CatNip hotness. >.< I was very dissapointed at the way Nick reacted. Keppler seems like an interesting guy but I know he's gonna die soon. How miserable...

BTW, i love that wallpaper!!! Well actually, to be specific, I LOVE that dress!!! That has gotta be the most beautiful photoshoot ever!