Marg/Catherine picture thread ~ Eye Candy 9.0

Love her shirt, too. Lady really knows how to flaunt a shirt and knows which ones to leave unbuttoned to create the perfect tease! And her hair! I'd kill for mine to lay like that just once :lol:
haha, Guilty. I think most people do that. lol. :lol:

Here are some oldies, but goodies:

(Probably my all-time favorite of these ladies.)

Aw I can't believe that no one has posted pics from last Saturday's Monte Carlo TV Festival Cocktail Party yet. She was so pretty! I wasn't so keen on the tights first, but it changed as soon as I saw her nails. lol. Love the combination of purple, gold and black. :)

LastToKnow710, I love that Marg/Jorja pic from Billy's star ceremony. The two of them are so cute in that pic! <3
I have not posted those pics yet because I am still very busy drooling at them. The dress, the tights, the hair, the nails, the shoes...I mean RAWR!!
Marg. Is.A. Hottie.

And I LOVE how she 're-uses' looks...that one is similar to a party that she appeared at with JF...the purple outfit looks familiar. Anyway, she's phenomenally gorgeous and just a picture of perfection :)
Speaking of reusing, she was wearing the same earrings she had worn back at the 2005 Emmys with another sexy purple dress. It's been what...four years? Makes it even more adorable. :)
The lady is smoking. I mean, it should be a crime for the woman to look that damn hot. *fans self*
Here's Marg dressed as a witch at the Halloween party hosted by the're welcome to link to the album, but please don't post the pics elsewhere without permission from the owner of the pics (see the note under each pic). Thank you!

Prepare yourself for the LOL
Holy Helgenberger!


I love that! She's amazing! The 5th one is my favorite.