Mac #2 - Squeeze My Hand

Do whatever you want with the banner :) it was my first try with animated banner, so if you wanna a better one, I can work on it!!! I'm so happy you like it... :)
Hahahahahaha, look at the page now, we have the same banner, now we are Taylor Girls for real!!!
Oh dear, I'm crazy...*laughs madly*
I vote for a shirtless banner!!!! :lol:

Nim... for your first animated banner you've done an amazing job!!! You're really talented!
Oh thank you!!!

*jumps like a Kangaroo*
*hits the chair*
*falls on the carpet*

Eh...oh...shirtless...yes, ok, try tomorrow, now need to sleep...sorry Mac, I gotta sleep even if you don't.
Well, if you wanna do something different, just ask...I'm in bed in 5 minutes :devil:
Ta-da! :D Nice work, Nim!

I'd like to do half-nekkid Mac banners as well but I have quite a lot of paperwork to do :( I will try to put up some next week though (operative word is try) :D
feenx said:
hmmmm anybody got any ass shots of Gary :devil: HIS ASS IS OUR'S !!!!
I think there's an ass-scene in Ransom, when he's naked and he goes sleeping...gotta find that cap!!! :devil: