Mac #2 - Squeeze My Hand

orgasmicbilly said:
sure its a shower head?....never know with you FEENX
shower massager? what? All those pics of Mac are making my back hurt i think i need my back massager :rolleyes:
so what happend to the banner idea?
well nothing at the min...we need to chose a pick of mac first...then some words, then we need to go to the requests and get somebody to make it :lol:
if it's in his name i'll do it!!!! I volunteer to do anything related to seeing him shirtless, pantless, boxer-less.... (o_O who would have thought i could be so naughty!... let's blame the people in this thread for it!)
everyone here has a naugthy side, my sister doesn't call the Queen Prev for nothing. hhmmm the prev patrol?
feenx said:
hmmm, well there's the new pics that were posted.

I saw them! Damm, that man is just...delicious. I love his hair longer like that. If he had the sideburns (there I go again, haha) like in MIA/NY Nonstop, he'd look like a bowl of triple chocolate ice cream to me (probably taste the same way for me, ooops, Perv Alert! :devil: )
Mel your not the only Taylor here:lol:. OMG i just saw the promo for next weeks epi wooooot, wooooot!!!!!!!!
Mel23 said:
hey how's this for a name change: TaylorGirlMel? I wondered how you'd like it before I sent the PM :)

I like it :)

I'm thinking of ranMacTaylor, but that doesn't sound right. Or maybe RanMacManiac. Or just plain ranMac. Or MacManiac. Heheh. I'll have to think long and hard about it (I have thefirthyone in my LJ as my little ode to Colin Firth...have to think one up for Gary/Mac)

feenx, where did you see the video? Do they have it online? Aieee!

BTW, I had a dream about NY last night and of course, Mac was the hero of the hour! He saved a girl from a building or something like that :lol:
ranma said:
Or just plain ranMac.
This one is fantastic :lol: it seems the name of a super hero!!! :D

yesterday it was the CSI:Miami night, with 2 episodes from S4. And at every commercial there was Mac, and I was like "Mac Rules!".
You know, here in Italy S2 will arrive in January, but tomorrow there will be a special night, the two episodes with CSI:Miami and NY (Felony Flight and Manhattan Manhunt).
I'm soooo excited and curious to hear how they translated my boss :p

I wanna see the promo of the S3 first episode :eek:
I saw the new promo pics too!...he looks hot and great as always!...I hope it will be aired immediatly the 3nd season here..we still have a month and a week!..I hope so...anyway...taylor girls don't be selfish! someone else said before,he is for sharing!.. :lol:..[just in our fantasy but.. ;)]
Yeah the promo's awesome, except for Mac being with you know who...*wants her Smacked badly* But the shirtlessness is okay, totally!
Yeah, shirtless-tanned-with scar Mac... :p oh I'm tired of watching the promo and the pics of that scene :mad: wanna see the episode!!! :(