Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be Over.

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I thought of 2 more shows. The problem with these shows is I can't categorize them. They don't fit in the Loved It, Miss It category. They don't fit in the Hated It, Don't Miss It category. And one is aready over so I can't put it in the Glad It'll Soon Be Over category. That's why I've come up with 2 new categories just for these 2 shows.

Once Loved It but Don't Really Miss It.
Stargate SG-1. At one time this was my favorite show. But in it's 7th season it started slipping and by the end of its 7th season it had slipped right off my tv radar. At one time I loved it but now I don't really miss it. Although ever once in a while I may go back and watch some of the really good episodes on DVD...for me there are only about 5 really good episodes. The season 3 episode "Crystal Skull" being #1 of those 5.

The other new category is:
Once Loved It but May or May Not Miss It If It Were Cancelled.
CSI: Miami. I was a fan of CSI: Miami till its 4th season. That's when it started slipping. It finally slipped off my tv radar in September 2008. Oh, I still occasionally peak in on Monday nights to see what's going on but so far they've only had one episode that really sucked me back in. It was the episode "Smoke Gets In Your CSIs" The episode where Alexx Woods returned and treated Calleigh for smoke inhalation.
So here's why CSI: Miami falls in this new category of Loved It but May or May Not Miss It If It Were Cancelled. Cause part of me feels like I would miss it and part of me feels like "GOOD RIDDANCE!"
Yeah, I know, I'm mixed up. CSI: NY is now favorite. I'm starting to hate CSI: Miami, which was my favorite when I joined Talk CSI on November 27, 2004<---that date is according to my profile. I'm starting to get into the original CSI since Laurence Fishburne joined the cast.
Am I fickle or what?
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Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

^ I'll have to agree on your entire post. Stargate was fun until Richard Dean Anderson left the show. I also wasn't a fan of the sixth (?) season when Daniel was 'dead'. I loved the show, and even if it was completely unrealistic, I kept watching every week.

I also agree on Miami. I love season 1-3, and even re-watch them once and a while, but I've never re-watched an episode from season 4 onwards. I think that's when they started on the bright colours and the split screens,and especially robot-H. I really liked Horatio. He was compassionate, kind, even funny sometimes ("You guys couldn't find your ass with a map :lol:). They really screwed that character up, and altough there's little hope, I keep believing in the fact they'll bring our H back. (And maybe by explaining he was kidnapped by aliens or something. What? It's Miami, anything's possible :p)
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Shows I love and would miss:

CSI (Miami or NY) - though Miami has been disappointing to me for a few seasons, it hasn't been ALL bad, and I'm still holding out hope that they'll start to fix it. I'm not all caught up on NY but into season 3 and still loving it.

Numb3rs - I miss Megan dearly but, am still quite in love with this show. I hope it doesn't go stale anytime soon. And they better not let Krumholtz cut his hair sort again!

The Beast - Talk about a show screwing with your head.. and making every moment a pleasure.

Shows I miss:

Friends - The last couple of seasons were kind of a bummer, but the first couple still make me burst into gales of giggling whenever I watch them again.

Reba - Again, it makes me laugh, I was sad to see it end.

The Sentinel - Am I the only complete dork here that was totally in love with this show? All those mornings spent curled up in bed, the sun rising and Sci-Fi channel feeding this cornball fest to me. It was so bad but.. somehow, I find myself missing it.

Shows I wouldn't/don't miss:

Seinfield - There were a few episodes that made me laugh, but for the most part, it just grated my nerves.

ER - :scream:
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Shows I miss:
-Medical investigation
-Veronica Mars
-Dead like me
-Crossing Jordan

Shows I wouldn´t miss:
-CSI Miami
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Shows I currently love:
Family Guy
Bones (although this hasn't been the best season)
Battlestar Galactica (but will sorely miss after the finale tonight! :eek: )
True Blood
30 Rock

The jury is still out on:
The Dollhouse (I want it to be awesome since it's Joss Whedon, but it's about 50/50 for me right now)
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (I think I like it)

Shows I miss:

Veronica Mars
Stargate (including the Ben Browder years- he was excellent actually)
Stargate Atlantis (totally grew on me)
The West Wing
Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
Dead Like Me
Six feet Under
Quantum Leap! ( :lol: LOVE Scott Bakula)
Enterprise (even though it was so-so, as I mentioned, I love Scott Bakula!)
MacGyver (always loved RDA)
Grounded for Life

Shows I Won't Miss (some still airing):

ALL of the reality shows
Desperate Housewives
90210 (new one)
Knight Rider (new one)
The O.C.
Most sitcoms
Gilmour Girls
Fringe (so overly-hyped)
Grey's Anatomy (loved it until halfway through season 2)
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Quantum Leap! ( :lol: LOVE Scott Bakula)
Omg, I soo totally forgot that show! It was awesome. The few past years they have had reruns of the seasons here, and every time I realized that I started (coincidence) watching always from the same ep (the one where they were at the egypt, Tut's tomb or something) :D
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Sorry, just thought of a couple more I miss...

Freaks and Geeks

They weren't even given a chance! :eek:
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Shows I loved and miss

- Ed. Man, that show was awesome! Release them on DVD already!

- BBC Life on Mars - John Simm and Philip Glenister rock my socks.

- Gilmore Girls - Guilty pleasure, what can I say?

- Arrested Development. Awesome. Nuff said.

Shows I won't miss

- US Life on Mars - It was getting into it's stride about 3 episodes in. Then the hiatus came and it turned to fail. And Kietel is far too old to play Gene.

- 90210 - Never saw the original, a little before my time, but I still don't like this show.

Thats all I can think of at the moment, but I'm sure I'll post again soon.
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

Shows I miss:
Silk Stalkings - Chris Lorenzo... Need I say more? And as to the person to griped about Chris dying, I am so *there* with you. The writers/producers were going to leave it with Chris and Rita leaving Palm Beach for a promotion elsewhere, but our boy Rob Estes decided to put his damn two cents in and suggested Chris die. Grrrrrrrr.

X-Files!!!! - Mulder and Scully. Not Dogget and Reyes. The movie, with the exception of the M&S moments, sucked. make something better!!!!!!!!

Jake 2.0 - Never got a chance. I actually got into it when it was in reruns on Scifi. Jake and Diane were really cute together. Go Geeks in Love!!!

Women's Murder Club - Angie Harmon and Rob Estes! It was just getting good when they canceled it.
La Femme Nikita - Way, way better than Alias. Before it's time. Michael and Nikita. <sigh> beautiful love story there that ended sadly. Incredible storytelling. Awesome plots, twists, and turns, and a phenomenal cast. The music was incredible too.

Stargate - LOVED this series. Sam and Jack were cool. Adored Daniel and the only reason I watched seasons 8-10 were because of Vala and the dynamic between Vala and Daniel. Could have done without Cam. which brings me to the next....

Farscape!!!!!!!!!!! - Cut way way too soon. Damn Scifi channel. They really don't know how to hold onto gold mines. John and Aeryn were awesome and this was some really smart story telling in a time when there wasn't much quality scifi out there on tv.

Firefly - Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I got addicted AFTER it ended. Actually, didn't even know it existed until after it was canceled. Inara and Mal. Gotta LOVE Nathan. And Jewel Staite was awesome as kaylee, another fave character. Incredible cast. Too short lived. And the movie was great too. Hope they do a sequel. Hint hint Joss.

Buffy - At least for the first few seasons, especially with Angel. Up until about when Spike turned 'good' and Buffy was all over him. Then I stopped watching. Too painful

Stargate Atlantis - Loved it, but the plots were starting to get recycled. It'll be interesting to see if Scifi can pull off another Stargate and not have it seem old.

Touching Evil - I'd fogotten about that one!!!! I loved it too. And he's on Burn Notice now, which I love.

Roar - A very young hot Heath Ledger.... Need I say more? :devil:

Hated it, don't miss it

Seinfeld - *ducks throwing objects*

Angel - After season one, couldn't get into it. Especially when Angel switched stations/channels. Or was that Buffy?

Glad it'll Be Over Soon

Like everyone else...ER - Loved the first few seasons, but when the original cast left, completely lost interest.

What I won't miss if they canceled it

90210 - Why mess with perfection? Same goes with redoing Melrose Place this year. Leave it alone. What's next - Models Inc.? Which by the way, was a killer show.

Knight Rider - Eh. Okay. I guess.

Heroes - Loved the first two seasons. Can't get into it now.

Desperate Housewives - How much murder and mayhem can one suburb have????

Any and ALL "reality" tv shows. Stupid crap.

What I would be pissed over if they did cancel
CSI Miami and NY
Grey's Anatomy
Private Practice
Sarah Connor Chronicles
Burn Notice
Californication - Showtime series. HYSTERICAL!!!!
Re: Loved It, Miss It. Hated It, Don't Miss It. Glad It'll Soon Be O

I just thought of another show I love but I don't miss it because I have all 6 seasons on DVD and our Fox station airs it on Saturday and Sunday nights. It just went off a few minutes ago. The show I'm talking about is..."The Dead Zone" starring Anthony Michael Hall.