Lotsa Moderator Changes


Get your pen and paper, there are a lot of changes this time around. 'Tis the season to go crazy!

Departures. Gobbled up by real life, but still to be around the BBS, thankfully: Tinkerbell and wibble. Thank you both for all that you've done. You will be missed.

CSI Miami will have a change. Lucy will move from there and be replaced by Wyoming, who will move from Fan Art.

Shipper Central will now have a fourth mod, as the aforementioned Lucy will be transferring there. May God have mercy on her soul! :lol:

Fan Art. Wyoming will be replaced by a new addition to the staff, DragonflyDreamer. Welcome!

General TV and Media. Tinkerbell leaves from here and replacing Tinks will be another new mod, sandersidle. Welcome!

and finally

Misc. wibble is leaving, to be replaced by Elsie, who will take this on in addition to her other forum.

Got that all straight? Hope I did. You may comment in the thread located in QSF.