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Did anyone watch this show last night? I thought it was really good. I watched the original showing and the encore showing LOL. One thing I don't get is the title of the first episode: "It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World". Wouldn't two "fae"'s suffice? Why the need for four? :lol: But, I did enjoy the show. It says it was made in 2010 though. Wonder why its just now being put on the air.
Lost Girl is a Canadian series, and the first season aired there in 2010. I saw the first episode a while ago, and I enjoyed it. I should pick it back up now that SyFy is airing it. :D

I think the episode title is referring to the James Brown song. (Not sure if there should be three or four "Faes" in that case, though. ;))
At first I thought maybe it was a British series since it was 2010 and just now airing, but no one had a British accent, so I was confuzzled LOL. Thanks for shedding light on that and on the title. I didn't know that was a James Brown song LOL. The only one I really know is "I Feel Good" LOL.
The second episode was good too. The actor who played Will looked familiar, but I don't know where I've seen him before, or if he just reminds me of something. The whole green fire thing was a bit odd. Why's it green? LOL.

I'm starting to really like the idea of Bo and Dyson (I think that's the blonde cop's name lol) together.
And in third episode, the bartender guy squashes what was developing between Bo and Dyson. :sigh:

Well, we know what type of Fae that Dyson is now. Shifter. Cool. I was thinking he was maybe feral until this episode.
Checked this show out expecting to roll my eyes, but was pleasingly surprised at the quirkiness of the characters, and how different the storyline is from other similar shows. I've liked every one of the (so far) four episodes. I love Kensi (sp?) and find Dyson surprisingly sexy for such a negative, scruffy guy.
I love Kensi (sp?)

That's how I would spell it cause of Kensi on NCIS Los Angeles. But I think on Lost Girl they spell it Kenzie or something like that. I think it has a "z" in it anyway, cause I was thinking it kind of looked similar to the spelling of the actress' name which starts with a K and has a "z" in it somewhere LOL. Can't remember offhand what her name is though LOL.

I loved Kenzie's reaction to seeing Dyson change into the wolf LOL.
Kenzi putting the "I'm stupid" post it note on Dyson was hilarious. That frost giant was creepy, so was the ... what did they call the body jumpers? Shin?

So, Bo learned from the psychic fae (who made me LOL when I first saw her cause she looked like an anime character or something LOL ... the clothes, the hair style, the lollipop LOL funny) that her mother is still alive ... and apparently looking for her.

So the guy at the bar (can't remember his name) found out about Bo and Dyson's "arrangement"... and he's not happy with Dyson at all.

Loved the reaction of Kenzi and the Siren (I can't recall his name) to Dyson "healing" Bo in the back room of the bar LOL. "So, have you seen any movies lately?" :guffaw:
How sweet was the moment where Kenzi and Dyson were on the park bench and she put her head on his shoulder? Awww. So big brother / little sister like.

But, Kenzi, what the hell? You go to a stranger's house (let alone a Fae) and just help yourself to their food? I bet she never does that again though. LOL'd at her scrubbing her mouth when she found out it was "foot soup" LOL.
Last night's episode... wow. Bo and Dyson posing as a married couple and then them basically admitting they love each other. And then Seskia (or whatever her name is) basically assaulted and tried to kill Dyson, but she says "say my name"... and it sounded like he said "Eve". And she told him she was the one he was looking for. That made me wonder if she's Bo's mother.
Enjoyed last night's episode. Nice to see Bo's and Dyson's relationship progressing. But I especially loved Kenzi and Hale providing comic relief. The show can be so dark at times so I'm glad the two "supporting players" are such talented actors who can go from drama into a comedy moment without blinking. If you want to know more about Saskia, go to the Lost Girl page at IMDB, but be prepared for a trivia spoiler near the bottom of the first page.
I'm guessing last night's episode was supposed to be the Season one finale?

I knew Saskia was really Bo's mom.

I didn't like that the woman with the tree in her house (forgot what they called her) took away Dyson's passion for Bo. That sucks. Hopefully he gets it back.

I've been wondering who Bo's dad is though. At first I thought maybe it was Trick, but now I'm not too sure lol.
Enjoyed the episode, but I wish I knew exactly what Trick had written in his own blood at the end. Saskia's reaction was to go kinder instead of just to die. I didn't expect that. I guess Trick was looking out for Bo's emotional well-being as well as her life. Rather sweet. Maybe he is her father....

The nice thing about this series is that, because Canada's already a year ahead of the US, season two starts next week.