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    So did I! The blonde sort of vanished from the scene ... and I figured it was because they were saving her up to be revealed as the culprit at the end. I'd worked out this whole scenario in my head that she'd been through the same thing the other female chef had, and she was the one who exacted her revenge in such a grotesque way. I was surprised that the producer dunnit.

    I actually thought this was a pretty decent episode. It was what CSI used to do so well, taking something trendy (in this case, chef competitions) and working it into an episode. I missed Nick ... but not as much as I thought I would. And I found myself warming up to Finn. I think the writers are coming up with better material for Shue, and thank heavens for that. She's a good actor and deserves better than most of what she's been given so far.
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