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    Too much serial killer???

    Maybye all season we have got a serial killer.
    Do you think it's too enought or You think it's specialy a good thing for csiny :)
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    Re: Too much serial killer???

    hi celtess :)

    I think it's a "N.Y" thing cause it's a big city and big things happen there. ;)
    I haven't watched other CSI's that much to tell whether there have been serials or not.:rolleyes:

    I like stories that continue that gives the show more reality cause sometimes watching that det.s find all the answers in one episode is quite predictable. Those several episodes lasting mysteries gives not only longer storylines and time to catch a killer but the story tends to develop more intensive and watcher can learn more from characters. A good example is "Cabbie killer" it started from little and grew more bigger thing and in the end it stroke close one of the characters; Mac when Reed got himself in big danger.

    Interesting subject. I hope my answer was enough. :)


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