L.O.V.E, is it strong enough to last? Greg-Sara

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    Topic: Sara and Greg are living together, and Sara lies to Greg about something very important.

    Chapter 1

    It was 3:37am when Greg awoke from his deep sleep to find Sara wasn't in bed with him. He didn't see the bathroom light on, so he decided he'd go and try to find her and bring her back to bed.

    So he swung his legs out over the side of his bed so he was in a sitting up position. His eyes were shut, and he barely knew what he was doing. He still knew he wanted to go find Sara. So he started to stand up, but once he did he fell right back down on the bed, blaming it on gravity........

    So he decided maybe it wasn't the best idea to get up so he decided to call her instead. With his eyes still shut he cupped his hands around his mouth as he said no louder then a whisper, "Sa-sara." with a yawn right in the middle of the four letter word.

    He knew that wasn't going to work, so he rubbed his eyes and then finally stood up. He grabbed the tee shirt on the foot of his bed that matched his boxers and started trying to pull it on over his head. Except that didn't work either. He found himself getting lost inside the shirt, he couldn't find the neck hole so he gave up on that too and just pulled it off again.

    He kept it in his hands as he started his way down the stairs. One by one he made it down until he finally reached the second stair. He obvisouly didn't realize there was another stair before the bottom, so he skipped it all together and flew into the wall. He managed to keep his balance as his forehead hit the wall. He was awake now!

    Sara heard the lound thump so she jumped as she yelled from another room, "Greg, is that you?"
    Greg was rubbing his forehead as he started making his way toward the kitchen and then he said, "Yea, it's me."

    He walked into the dining room as he finally accomplished putting his shirt on. Sara was sitting at the table with a heating pad on her stomach.
    Greg came up and sat down next to her as he said still very sleepy, "Are you okay Baby?"

    Sara smiled as she said, "I'm fine Honey, go back to bed."
    Greg still had his eyes shut as he said with his head down, "If you're fine why do you have my heating pad on your stomach?"
    Sara at once said, "Is your shoulder hurting again Greg?"

    His eyes opened for a second as he said, "No Babe, I'm just worried about you, what's wrong?"
    His eyes again shut as Sara leaned over and kissed his cheek as she said, "It's just a girl thing Sweetie, I'll be fine once I get some chocolate."

    His eyes at once opened as his brows rose and he said, "Ohhh."
    Sara just kept smiling.
    Then Greg grabbed Sara's hand as he said, "Then why don't you come back to bed with me and I'll give you a back rub."

    Sara smiled once more as she said, "Ok Sweetie, thank you."
    She stood up with him and started heading back toward the stairs with Greg gragging her behind him. She looked back toward the kitchen with a worried look in her eyes, something was wrong, and it wasn't just a girl thing.


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