Just a Reminder


In reading the boards, I've run across a few problem threads/posts. Therefore, I wanted to remind you to take care in your posting, this is a PG-13 board.

Please don't get overly graphic in your descriptions. Some of the descriptions are veering into the inappropriate. Some are getting a little too graphic in their descriptions of things. The BBS is for discussion of the show and its characters, but I would really like to discourage the sexual fantasy stuff. That is not appropriate for the BBS.

Also - things like talking about urinating in beer and then drinking it really have no place on this BBS either. If I didn't like to read that, I'm quite sure that others were offended also. It was, quite frankly, disgusting.

Posting frequently. We do have a rule about spamming. Please remember that this is a discussion board, not a chat room. Some of the things I have read recently have been more along the lines of chat, not discussion. Again, if you have bonded with your boardmates enough to enjoy chatting, I recommend that you get together on one of the various chat mediums.

Finally, if a moderator tells you to do something, you need to do it without copping an attitude. Moderators aren't there to spoil your fun (they want to have fun too!) but to make sure the board is run in an orderly manner and that our rules are followed properly.

If you feel that a moderator has acted in error, you may calmly post about it in QSF, where it will be dealt with properly according to our rules. Do not make fun of or belittle the moderator (or other posters), or worse yet, ignore the moderator.

Your cooperation on these matters would be appreciated. You are always welcome to discuss matters in QSF, or privately with me if you feel the desire to do so.

Thank you.