Jorja/Sara: A Passionate Heart #6

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Mr. Ausiello from EW has just revealed that Jorja as Sara will stay on CSI, "indefinitely" so how great is this?
Thats great news

Here a article about Jorja's new project

Jorja Fox, who plays Sara Sidle on the hit TV show CSI, is commited to helping animals and wildlife and is a big supporter of Rattle the Cage. As executive producer on our new documentary series, BLACK MARKET: inside the endangered species trade Jorja feels we can enlighten, educate, and eventually eradicate the crimes against nature in Asia's jungles.

Rattle the Cage
With the character Sara returning to CSI, I've noticed throughout the years she has a tight bond with the men on CSI over the women, She didn't care for Sofia. I think maybe because she was way to interested in her man. She couldn't stand Ronnie, who got on her nerves, she's snapped at Mia, Wendy, Mandy and I think she just tolerates Cath, a bit of respect, but their not gal pals. However she has a strong camraderie with of course Gil, Nick, Greg, Brass, Doc even Hodges have had a couple of bonding moments, She gets along with Det. Vartann, Vega, Archie & Super Dave. The only one who was not on her fav. list was Ecklie for apparent reasons, but then he called her back:confused:This week she showed she was impressed with Dr. Langston, and hit it off with Murano [Enrique] and his issues with the gang members. She is however so compassioate with women who are abused or mistreated or downtrodden, and is sympathetic with them. A enigma within herself~So glad she's back, a wonder to behold;)
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I disagree. Catherine and Sara do care about each other. Even Marg and Jorja have said as much. Sara has never liked that Catherine has seniority, but at the end of the day, they are there when the other one needs it. Who did Catherine turn to when she thought she was raped? Sara. Her exact words, "I called YOU." She trusted her with that and no one else. And the way Sara looked at her said it all. And who took Sara out after the whole fiasco with Hank? You don't do things like that if you don't care about a person. They have strong personalities that can lead to disagreements, especially in the past, but Sara was going through a lot then, you know. A lot of anger. Catherine was an easy target as they're very different. We all say things in the heat of the moment that we don't mean but that says nothing about a person's feelings.
I know Jorja was not happy when the writers made friction between Sara and other female characters . Jorja said, Sara was more intelleigent than to resent Sofia because of Grissom. Sara had some good scenes with Mandy.In her recent interview Liz (Wendy)said she and Jorja were both disapointed in the lack of scenes between them. Now Sara is back I hope the writers show more comradery between the women on CSI. I really would like to see that.
Now Sara is back I hope the writers show more comradery between the women on CSI. I really would like to see that.

Me too. But they haven't given viewers much reason to have faith in them anymore. They keep screwing things up. Cath/Sara always had chemistry and made a great team. I've missed that in the last few seasons. They were probably my favorite team to watch, even when they were fighting. lol. Women in that line of work need to stick together. It's harder on us emotionally than it is the men and you should take advantage if you work with another female. Everyone needs a friend to listen and understand sometimes. Different personalities will always clash, but that doesn't mean you don't care.
I as well, hope they have some tender moments with Sara and the girls on CSI, I however disagree on the 'relationship' between Sara and Cath. I never saw any chemistry between them zilch.:( In "Nesting Dolls" when they had that confrontation in the hall and Sara was disrespectable, and Ecklie called her in the office and read her the riot act, then stated "And when you return you'll apologize to Cath" she goes "NO I won't" and never did. In S/3"Crash & Burn" with the fiasco between Sara and Hank, Cath did offer to buy her a beer, but the situation was tense. They worked on serveral cases but were, to me off the mark on friendly banter, like she had say with Greg and that ep. [Nesting Dolls] he goes "I've always had Sara's back" , and lest we forget Warrick, who in the early days were a bit cold with on another. Grissom had her spy on him, and he was miffed off, and told her "Don't go talking behind my back" and after that if went smoothly with them. The "pig experiement, how they worked so cool on it, she even cleaned up the mess afterwards. In "Fannysmackin' how she was so concerned about Greggie, and was there for him. She did cover for Cath when she got mugged and drugged, and did her own crime kit, but only like one co-worker would do for another. And on Wendy when god forbid she mentioned Grissom in some context, and Sara snapped "I don't know what your talking about" and gave her the cold stare, like she does so well. I hope now maybe the writers will have Sara become closer with the other women on the show, I just always saw the strong bond she had with the guys on her team over the women:confused:
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Well, I doubt the Cath/Sara fanbase would be so huge if they had no chemistry. Even interviewers bring it up with Marg and Jorja. Some see it from a shipper point of view, and others just appreciated the chemistry. I know I did and SO many others. They made a good team and I loved to watch them work together. I guess you've missed what the rest of us have seen. Believe it or not, not everything is about Grissom and Sara or their relationship. :rolleyes: There's a lot more to CSI, certainly and great chemistry amongst the other actors. That's not the cause of this so-called "tension" you keep bringing up. I don't see Sara as someone who's petty and immature; even Jorja agrees she's not the kind of person who flies off the handle anytime Grissom is mentioned or someone else has an interest in him. She's a grown woman; that would be ridiculous.

They've had their disagreements, of course, but at the end of the day, I do think they care from one another. Sara was already on a downward spiral before "Nesting Dolls". Catherine hit a nerve and Sara reacted badly. It was disrespectful and out of line. But there didn't seem to be any bad blood after the fact either.
I never mentioned GSR, quite the opposite, I was talking about Sara's camraderie with the other CSI guys mainly, and how she's bonded with them, Brass who it seemed thought of her like the daughter he never had, and Doc adores her. Nick, that speaks for it's self, so many great shows with him and her working diligently together on cases. He also found & saved her in the desert and gave her water. Her and Archie, how close they are while working on a case, and how she told Super Dave "I missed your face" I can't keep repeating the same thing over and over, that's how I as a fan perceive it. I doubt that all fans think that Cath and Sara have great chemistry,:rolleyes: it's a matter of opinions, theories, ideas and views. Even in the new 'Family Affair" episode Cath was more concerned about her exit review from Riley, than she was in what Sara had to say. Some think they have a friendship, & are close some don't, simple as that~
Yes, it is all about perception, isn't it? You think Catherine was self-absorbed in that scene whereas others thought it was a great moment. From your comments in the episode discussion thread, I believe you were upset because Cath didn't ask for all the details about their marriage, etc., even though that's not what that moment was about. Catherine absorbed every word from Sara and it was a great moment of comraderie. Your views are your own, but that doesn't mean you have to constantly shoot down the opinions of other fans who see things differently. There's reason we can't respectfully disagree and let the other ones enjoy the scenes that they find nice.
This is not a contest, or a win lose situation, just a observation that was meant for interest and fun, and it's not about Cath, [she has her own thread], it's about and how well Sara works with the men on CSI, the strong rapport she has with her male team mates. All the scenes I've mentioned have happened on the show. How she and them find the clues and are always helpful with one another, with friendly banter, when working on a case. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and I haven't once shot any ones views down, or had any issues with fans who don't agree, I've just posted mine.:bolian:
Your views are your own, but that doesn't mean you have to constantly shoot down the opinions of other fans who see things differently.

I like you :)

And I agree, I see great chemistry between Sara and Cath, as well s betwen Sara and Sofia. Also, I like how Sara used to be around Greg, in the older episodes. Greg and Sara seemed to be great buddies :).
I agree on Sara and Greg, they're like two peas in a pod. ;)

Probably because Jorja and Eric are good friends as well and can't (or don't want to) turn it off when they're acting. ;)
Another shinning moment from Sara to Warrick in "LHB" Sara : "These people are freaks" Warrick nodding and smiling;)

Sara to Grissom: "You always say it's better to have 1 piece of evidence then 10 witnesses" Grissom: "What do you do, write down everything I say"?

Sara to Nick in: "Feeling The Heat" [about witness] "Who are you trying to make feel better, him or you"?

Sara to Nick in: "Bad Words" about perp "He made him eat his words"

Greg to Sara in: "Ellie" "Just because you got passed over, don't take it out on me" Sara: He didn't pass me over" Greg: "What do you call it" Sara: "Grissom"

Gris to Sara: in "Organ Grinder" "What works one week, doesn't work the next"

Some some remarks with Sara and the guys, 9 years x 24 episodes, lots of exchanges, some funny, some not~
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