Is your email address correct?


Please ensure the email address on your account is correct, and that you can receive email at it.

You can check what address you have on file here.

It is very important that your email address work.

If you have a spam filtering system, please also be sure to add to your white list.
Despite appeals like the one above, people still don't always have working email address on their account.

PLEASE make sure your email address is current.

This is a hot issue because as we run a server we need to have up-to-date databases. If we email dead accounts we can be blacklisted by an ISP. This is complicated by over-zealous ISPs and some (like that are run in a way that violates internet standards making it hard to resolve the situation.

A correct database is good to have anyway, but with email delivery getting more and more fraught with problems this issue will not go away. Next year a new program will be introduced of having to verify and keep email addresses up to date for your accounts to remain active. So I ask that you get into the habit now of making sure your address is up to date.

Thank you for your assistance.