Introducing....NAME CHANGES


As we do on our sister-board, TrekBBS, I would like to offer the ability to change one's display name on CSI.

Read carefully, as this is how it works. Since this will be work for me (I'll probably be innundated), cooperation is essential.

1. I approve the name change. The name must not be a duplicate. Plus - it would be helpful if it is unique. We have many similar sounding names here.

2. You MUST PM me. Include the name you wish to use. I will PM you back when the change is complete. The name to be changed will ONLY be your display name (the one we see on the BBS) not the name you use to log-in. That's more complicated and more work than is necessary.

3. Choose carefully. You'll be stuck with it for a full year. You may only change the name once a year.

4. Once you have your new name, for one month you must have your OLD NAME in either (a) the location field or (b) your sig. Note: IF you put it in the sig, it must go for that month in place of a banner. Can't have both the banner and text (so in that case, if you wish a banner, put the old name in your location field.)

5. I will keep an alphabetical list of the name changes stickied in QSF in the following format:

Old Name....New Name...Date of name change.

At the bottom of the entire post, the date will tell you when last updated. I tend to update in batches.

6. If it is a mere cosmetic change (changing "caine" to "Caine" or "Howdydoody47" to "Howdydoody") or something else very minor or a spelling mistake, that won't count against you and won't be on the list.

All discussion and questions to the thread located in QSF (I'm too lazy to link it, go there and find it. :D)

Note: Do NOT ask for name changes in the QSF thread. PM me. If you fail to read the instructions, you'll go the the back of a long list of name changes. :p