Interview: Paul Guilfoyle

CSI Files

Since CSI: Crime Scene Investigation‘s first episode nearly twelve years ago, Paul Guilfoyle‘s Captain Jim Brass has put forth a sarcastic edge and tough demeanor, a personality unlike any other member of the CSI team. A struggling father trying to reach out to his troubled daughter, the character has had his share of personal and [...]

This may be one of your best interviews. :) As a veteran in the industry, Paul's answers are so insightful; and I agree with his comment about people sometimes losing sense of the creativity of a show because they get too bogged down in the details of the business or the actors personally. And, I think that's why cable shows are often creatively better.
As to his character, Brass has good intentions, and he has a strong sense of right and wrong; but he also knows that being right doesn't always win. At times his behavior may cross the line, but that is what makes him interesting.
And I do hope Ellie returns. I always felt that Brass' and Sara's back stories were the most interesting. My wish list for next season is to see Ellie and Sara's mother.

Thanks, Shane, for another great interview! And thanks to PG for a great character. :)
Awesome interview, Shane, thanks for sharing! :D

He's got great thoughts about the show - and how people view it. I'd love to see Ellie again, that's just a really, really interesting storyline for Brass. He doesn't get a lot of personal focus on the show, so anything that delves into his personal life is always welcome.
Another excellent interview Shane! I found this one particularly fascinating and insightful, it looks like Paul had a lot to say and I agree with a lot of it.

I particularly like how he criticised the way TV shows are run, for their income not necessarily their creative quality or entertainment value. A lot of it was very thought-provoking. :)

I love how he is dedicated to the show yet he seems quite open at (arguably) criticising it in some aspects as well. This particular answer intrigued me the most:
Paul Guilfoyle said:
I never believed, and neither did Billy, that this show was about one person. It’s just as life gets more populated and complicated, you need to have everyone working together. I always thought on this particular show that it wasn’t about one particular guy, but it’s continuously written that way and that’s where it falls short for me a little. It’s really about an ensemble, and obviously this is coming from a member of the ensemble, and the crime is the antagonist. The protagonist is this five or six-headed monster of individual people doing their jobs in the lab or in the police station working together and finding out who is responsible for the antagonist. See, we’ve all been at a point where the serial killer was the protagonist or Laurence was the protagonist, and sometimes that works, but the more we venture into doing traditional television, the more of a traditional television show we become. I think some of the most successful episodes are when the whole group works together to solve crime.
To me, that echoes what a lot of us have been complaining about the past two or more seasons about the show becoming The Ray Langston Show. I realise it's not a new opinion, but it's almost amplified when it comes from one the prominent actors on the show.

Really fascinating interview. Many thanks to Shaun and Paul for taking the time to conduct it. :)
^ Doesn't surprise me he feels that way, and I'm sure more cast members felt that way

Thanks for the great interview Shane!