If You Were A CSI Writer For A Day...

Discussion in 'General CSI Discussion' started by AFIS, Aug 22, 2011.

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    Vegas: Catherine needs an exit that would not only be fitting for her, but a pleasant one too, involving Gil.

    Miami: I'd bring Megan back, full stop.She would pull Horatio into line ,very quickly, also the team's reaction to her would be interesting.

    NY: I'd write less D/L and stop turning good characters, into Mary-Sues. Season 6, was the most offensive season in relation to this. The show itself even got to the point where it was like watching a really horrible live-action Mary-Sue fanfic. Stella become a Mary-Sue towards the end and that to me was the result of poor writing.
    I'd also mention certain details of previous cases from past seasons.
    I'd also make Mac more human and somewhat compassionate.
    I apologise to the mods for saying this, but the showrunner of NY, really needs to get her shit together.
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    -I would make Mac wear more casual clothes
    -Maybe some Mac shower scenes
    -Kill off Danny and replace his rank with Don before he got promoted
    -Bring Stella back but keep Jo in the lab
    -Make Mac more human at times.
    -Give Mac a lil' lovin'
    -Have more cases where Mac has to be badass :p
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    Good question. I'd only write for CSI Vegas cos its the only one I watch and if I were a writer for a day I would make sure that:

    1. Greg would get shirtless. Alot.

    2. Grissom would pay a visit back to the lab and there would be a little catch up scenes with Greg, Hodges, Nick and Ecklie as well as a meeting with DB.

    3. A dignified exit for Catherine. She may not be my favourite character but she has been a stellar leading lady and deserves a decent send off.

    4. I'd put Greg in danger and have Nick rescue him...love their big brother/little brother banter! I ate up the whole 'Nick looking out for Greg' thing in A Kiss before Frying.

    5. I'd give Morgan a boyfriend so she doesn't become Nick or Greg's love interest. I really like her character and don't want to see her become the 'love interest' just because she's young and pretty.

    6. I'd bring Warrick back (he could have been in witness protection or something) and give him a nice little reunion scene with his son.

    7. I'd also bring Wendy back. And have someone (probably Catherine or DB) give Hodges a kick up the backside so he doesn't let her get away again.

    8. I'd make sure we see lots of Brass being his usual sarky self...king of the one liners!

    9. Did I mention Greg would get naked alot? I did? Oh well, putting it in a second time just cause it would be my TV highlight of the decade!!!! :D
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    Woah, I'm surprised this thread didn't die out yet.:lol: This was supposed to be a fun summer thread to get over CSI withdrawal but maybe it'll survive until winter.:)
    And don't forget that she's young, pretty, and a female. If Morgan was a dude, "love interest" talk wouldn't be happening but since she's a woman that's all that really matters, who she going to be hooking up with and when. On tv shows that's all women are good for, getting into trouble, increasing ratings with "sexy" teaser images that have nothing to do with the show, and waving their long hair back and forth in the wind.:p
    Woah, if Mac starts being more badass, wearing casual clothes, and shower scenes...I think CBS would have to shut CSI:NY down because of all of the fines they'd get from the FCC. I've never been a NY fan but I'd start watching if this happens.:lol:
    Oh my goodness...I think I cried a little bit at that which is impressive. Rizzoli...are you a CSI writer in disguise because this is just brilliant. I feel the urge to write a fanfic...ohh, wait that urge is gone after seeing how much stuff I have to do.:( Well, I hope you're writing a fanfic then.:lol:

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