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Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by Finch, Nov 17, 2012.

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    If you could pick one character from CSI:Miami to travel to another CBS show, which one would you choose and which show would you send them to?

    I got to thinking this a couple weeks ago as I was watching Hawaii 5-0; wouldn't it be neat if Horatio were to show up there for an episode? Granted, Hawaii 5-0 appears to be in the NCIS universe so it may not be possible logically but visual-wise, Miami was very similar to H50.

    It'd be most probable with the other two CSIs for me, so I wouldn't mind seeing Horatio on CSI:NY again for an episode or even Calleigh on CSI consulting on a national case that has a Florida connection.

    So which would you choose and where?

    A quick reference of the current CBS procedural dramas:

    NCIS: LA
    The Mentalist
    Blue Bloods
    Criminal Minds
    Person of Interest
    Hawaii 5-0
    Made in Jersey (which appears to have been cancelled already)

    Also, another question to ponder perhaps: If one of the Miami characters were to permanently travel to another CBS show, would it be a good idea and would you watch?
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  2. Anni Grey

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    *Blows dust off of the TalkCSI account*

    What an excellent question! Since Miami's been off the air, truthfully, I haven't really thought about the show or the characters ( except to say that Calleigh Duquesne will look mightily out of place on White Collar:shifty:).

    I always thought that the Miami crew was a solitary lot but if we are playing the devil's advocate, I'd have to say that Horatio has a warm spot in New York (CSI NY). I won't kid myself or others and speculate how the crew would mingle with say, The Mentalist because let's face it, CBS screwed Miami and aside from Elementary, I don't watch CBS. I will throw out a freebie though. If Speed lived, I'd say he'd go great with Sherlock and Watson.;)
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  3. mulder42

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    I like your idea, Finch--Horatio going to Hawaii would be nice, though I don't know how they would pull that off now that CSI: Miami is cancelled. If any of the cast would appear on any of the other CBS shows, I would totally watch, even if I don't watch that particular program.

    If they time-travelled, the Vegas folks could visit the current Las Vegas on CSI. Plus, I'm still waiting for the Blue Bloods/CSI: NY crossover. It totally makes sense--Mac & Frank need to meet! Then Horatio could make a quick trip back to NYC and work a case with Mac again. ;)

    Anni Grey--I heard that Emily Procter was guest-starring on White Collar. Do you know when her episode airs? :)
  4. kris44

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    Nov 2, 2012
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    I've just recordered the first 10 episodes from Blue Bloods, season one. So, I can't compare it with other shows.
    But I always liked the crossovers CSI:Miami-CSI:NY.
    If I may have a dream, it would be great to see Horatio back in NY. And perhaps for more than one episode.
  5. calleighspeedle

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    I'd choose Speedle and it would be CSI: NY. I'd love to see Speed and Danny working together, that'd be fun.:)

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