If one NY character was to move to Vegas who would it be?


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Here's an idea. If just one character from NY was going to have a storyline that meant they moved to CSI: Vegas, then be on that show, who would you choose? And why?!! :)
Flack. :thumbsup:

Vegas doesn't need another CSI or another Labrat. But another full time detective to share duties with Brass would be great.

I'd have to say...probably Flack or Jo. Jo was getting established in New York, but she could easily get re-established in Vegas. And her working with DB would be interesting to watch. :lol: (Did they interact during the crossover? I don't remember.) I never really feel like I can anticipate Finn's actions/behaviors/thoughts, so I'm not sure how she and Jo would interact, but it could be interesting. I think she'd get along fine with everybody else.

As previously mentioned, Flack as a detective in Vegas could be fun to watch. I'm not sure there's enough chasing-and-tackling-suspects for his taste, though. :p
I could totally go with Flack. Love Eddie Cahill he is such a cutie and isn't he still single?? :drool:

Just sayin... LOL
Yeah, Flack might work better...Mac isn't used to not being in charge, and I'm not so sure he'd want to leave NY anyway. So either Christine would have to tag along or we'd get GSR take 2. And the last thing I'd want is more long distance romance stuff...if they couldn't leave GSR alone, they wouldn't leave another alone. Flack or Adam are the two most workable, given that they likely wouldn't take Danny without Lindsay or vice versa and Hill Harper has a job on another series. Plus what I said about Mac. Although Jo would be nice too...LV has too few female cops since Sofia left. Or Stella, but that'd be the least likely thing of all.
As much as I'm upset that CSI:NY is cancelled, I cannot imagine any of the NY characters travelling to Vegas for any reason whatsoever. If I had to choose one of them, I'd probably make Adam my top candidate or Jo Danville as she has FBI experience. Hell, I'd even take an episode where Jo and Catherine cross paths in D.C. again. I could see Jo and Stella visiting but NOT relocating full-time since both work in top positions and I could not see either be in Nick Stokes or Greg Sanders roles. Just my opinion of course.

At the same time, I've pretty much retired the CSI:NY characters now and don't see any of them appearing in Vegas again. I hate to say it but as much as I will miss it, I think the characters of NY belong there.
I think it'd be so dope to have Flack and Warrick just start chilling they'd be so fucking hilarious