Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir - WINNERS UP!!

Re: Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir

Okay, today I decided to explore corners of the Talk CSI board that I haven't seen before (my usual home is the Land of YoBling)...

Imagine my excitement when I stumbled across this Paradise - Boromir icons!!! Whoopee!!! **waves hands about frantically**

Sean Bean, Sean Bean, Sean Bean, YUM :devil:

Alright, now that I have got that out of my system... :lol:

All of them rock :cool:, but I do have my favourites. Here are my votes:
Re: Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir

Boromir looks very pale. Wonder which part that is..

You mean which scene the cap is from? It's the bit where he arrives for the Council of Elrond (err...I think, anyway :p ).