Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir - WINNERS UP!!


For the second one we're going to make an icon using this cap of Boromir, also from the Fellowship of the Ring :)


Here are the RULESplease read them carefully before creating your icon and entering it:

[1] You can only enter 1 icon, using the cap provided above.

[2] You have until 5 p.m. GMT Saturday 23rd September to complete your icon and submit it. PLEASE NOTE – you must PM your entry to DaWacko, not myself.

[3] Your icon must be 100x100 pixels in size – it is any bigger, it will be re-sized, and those never look so good. So please make sure to make your icon so it is that particular size..

[4] The image can be cropped in any way you like. Be as creative as you wish with this step of your icon-making.

[5] I don’t want to see any vulgar words or phrases in the icons. If there is something in them that can be considered offensive, your icon will not be accepted.

[6] You must use the cap I have provided – don’t go around looking for different caps from the same film/TV show or a very similar one. If you don’t use the cap I’ve provided, your entry will not be accepted.

[7] If you need or would like help with making your icon, check out this thread over in the Fan Art forum:

Icon Tutorials

[8] Most importantly, as this is an anonymous competition like the photo ones, YOU MUST NOT POST YOUR ICON HERE. If you do, it will be disqualified. This is make sure that the voting is unbiased, and so everyone has a fair chance of winning a banner.

Your finished icon should be uploaded to your own Photobucket account (or similar) and then PM the link to DaWacko, NOT myself.

Winners may receive a banner from me upon request via PM.

Any questions, please feel free to post them here, or PM myself or DaWacko.
Re: Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir

I just finished my Boromir icon and i´m gonna send it in when i finished with the Frodo icon which i haven´t even started yet.

On another note..wibble did you get my banner request for the Mooo icon challenge ? Just wondering cuz i haven´t received a read receipt yet.
Re: Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir

Yes, I got that thanks, though I don't know why you didn't get a read receipt :confused:
Re: Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir

:D :DAHHHHHHH!!!!!! SEAN BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wibble, you are now officially my bestest friend!!!!!
I happen to be an obsessive Sean fan. (hence, the name)

I suck at making Icons, so I'll just sit back and snag every single icon that is posted. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:Hehehehehe!

Let me just start by voting for every single one submitted!

Okay, I'll be calm now.......maybe. ;)
Re: Icon Challenge #9: LOTR - Boromir

[1] Don't vote for your own icon. It's a pathetic thing to do, not to mention unfair on all the other entrants.
If you do, I'll notice it and you'll regret that (you'll be disqualified)

[2] Don't go around telling your friends or any other people to vote for you.
It's also a pathetic thing to do. If I find out you’re doing this, you will not be allowed to enter any future icon challenges.

[3] No bashing of the icons in any way – there is no need for it.

[4] Please only vote for 3 icons.
Give your first vote to whichever icon you like best,
your second vote to whichever photo you like second best,
and your third vote to whichever icon you like third best.
It is important that you do it like this.
Whoever has the most points at the end of voting wins, with the contestant that has the second highest number of points getting second place, etc.



IMPORTANT! Don't see your entry here even you sent it? PM me (DaWacko) right away!