Icon Challenge-#82-A Bugs Life-Up!

Re: Icon Challenge-#81-MIKA-VOTING!

Winner Time​
Thanks to those who entered and all who voted.

Icon Challenge #81 - Mika - Winners.

1st - 3-way tie ~
by BlueDiamondStar
by Miss_Undercover

2nd ~
by BlueDiamondStar

3rd ~
by Miss_Undercover

If anyone wants a winners banner or I've made any mistakes just send me a pm.

Re: Icon Challenge-#81-MIKA-Winners!

Calling all Icon Makers!

A new month means a new Icon Challenge!​

This Challenge will be A Bugs Life. I did some from this movie a couple of years ago and thought it made some interesting icons. :)

Here are the RULES – please read them carefully before creating your icon and entering it:

[1] You can enter up to 4 icons = 3 100 x100 icons + 1 icon in the size 140x140. PLEASE NOTE - if you are going to make more than 1 icon, please use a different image for each one.

[2] You have until 5 p.m. EST Monday, April 9th to complete your icons and submit them. If you need more time, please let me know. PM your entries to me - blackflag. If you're a newbie and cannot PM my e-mail will be in my profile - please put TalkCSI in the subject line and post in this thread that you have sent the e-mail (I've been known to forget to check my e-mail! and Yahoo's been known to put most anything in spam!)

[3] Your icons must be 100x100 or 140x140 pixels in size – if it is any bigger, it will be re-sized, and those never look so good. So please make sure to make your icon so it is those particular sizes. ***this is important

[4] No vulgar words or phrases in the icons. If there is something in them that can be considered offensive, your icon will not be accepted.

[5] You may use any caps you like but feel free to use the ones provided.

[6] No animated icons.

[7] We're going to try categories for this challenge cause this is much more better and fair on everyone. There are THREE categories to this challenge - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (If entering in Intermediate level, please include a second level -either Beginner and Advanced- incase there isn't enough entries for 3 levels) Please go the Fan Art Forum if you need help determining what category to enter. Please be fair to others. If you keep winning in beginners, move up to intermediate; let someone else win beginners and see if you place in intermediate and so on. That's how you get better, by challenging yourself.

[8] Most importantly, as this is an anonymous challenge, YOU MUST NOT POST YOUR ICONS HERE (or anywhere else). If you do, you will be disqualified. This is make sure that the voting is unbiased, and so everyone has a fair chance of winning a banner.


Subject: Misc: IC #82 - A Bugs Life: Beginners (or intermediate/advanced)
Body: Images, URLs. (would really prefer both) **please DO NOT delete or move your pics in your photobucket account till voting/results are up!!!

Here are a some links with tons of pics (feel free to use any others too)
A Bugs Life #1
A Bugs Life #2

Any questions, please feel free to post them here, or PM me blackflag.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - Have fun and be creative!!