Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - Dana Scully - WINNERS UP!


This week, we’re going to be making an icon using this cap of Dana Scully from season 4 of The X Files :)


Here are the RULESplease read them carefully before creating your icon and entering it:

[1] You can only enter 1 icon, using the cap provided above.

[2] You have until 5 p.m. GMT Saturday 1st July to complete your icon and submit it. PLEASE NOTE – you must PM your entry to DaWacko, not myself.

[3] Your icon must be 100x100 pixels in size – if it is any bigger, it will be re-sized, and those never look so good. So please make sure to make your icon so it is that particular size..

[4] The image can be cropped in any way you like. Be as creative as you wish with this step of your icon-making.

[5] I don’t want to see any vulgar words or phrases in the icons. If there is something in them that can be considered offensive, your icon will not be accepted.

[6] You must use the cap I have provided – don’t go around looking for different caps from the same film/TV show or a very similar one. If you don’t use the cap I’ve provided, your entry will not be accepted.

[7] If you need or would like help with making your icon, check out this thread over in the Fan Art forum:

Icon Tutorials

[8] Most importantly, as this is an anonymous competition like the photo ones, YOU MUST NOT POST YOUR ICON HERE. If you do, it will be disqualified. This is make sure that the voting is unbiased, and so everyone has a fair chance of winning a banner.

Your finished icon should be uploaded to your own Photobucket account (or similar) and then PM the link to DaWacko, NOT myself. Winners will each receive a banner.

Any questions, please feel free to post them here, or PM myself or DaWacko. :)
Re: Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - - Dana Scully

:eek: YUM!.. I mean, I'm in :p *starts singing* Scully and Angel on the kitchenfloor (it's somewhere in a song by Sheryl Crow, no idea about the title, and I only know that line :p) Am I confusing people here.. nevermind.. I'm babbling.. *sits in corner and eats carrot*
Re: Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - - Dana Scully

Yay, pretty Scully! Im so in for this competition! :D And that's a pretty picture of Scully you've chosen, Wibble. ;)
Re: Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - - Dana Scully

I'm in! Already sent my icon to Ducky. Geez, it's so ugly.
Re: Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - - Dana Scully

Wuhahaha 'Jaynetje toch'.

I hope you'll think it's great ¬¬.
I bet you won't.
Re: Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - - Dana Scully

Scully! Aurgh!! I'm a Grade-A moron when it comes to doing icons. The only thing I know is how to resize the pic. :p So I'll be the voter. Can't wait to see them! :D
Re: Icon Challenge #2: The X Files - - Dana Scully

Thank you TM :) Your pimping is appriciated :p